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Sezer Uysal – 1 Body 2 Souls LP (Manual Music)

Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music presents Sezer Uysal’s much anticipated debut LP ‘1 Body 2 Souls’.

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Sezer Uysal’s debut single for Manual Music was released this past August. ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ showcased a new techno inspired sound for the Turkish producer and also foreshadowed his impending debut album which is now upon us. It’s hard to believe that ‘1 Body 2 Souls’ is Sezer’s first album given his extensive discography. He’s had a very prolific career which has seen him release a wide variety of music from deep house to bigger, more progressive sounds. Sezer’s debut LP however sits somewhere quite nicely between melodic techno and contemporary progressive house.

The lead track ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ was the first single to be pulled from the album (as mentioned in the intro). It’s punchy, mid tempo groove sets a powerful precedent early on and the melancholic themes more than lay down the groundwork for what’s to come. The second selection ‘The Day That Never Comes’ continues with a stark and meticulously processed approach. A buzzing foundation adds nice depth and character while a complement of haunting keys furthers the gloomy atmosphere. The mood gets shifted though by the second act with grinding tones and a brighter melodic approach which ultimately peaks during the break and carries the track to a gorgeous conclusion. Probably one of my favourites on the album. The ominous and wickedly designed ‘When You Left’ is next and it brings things back down to earth from the bigger, brighter ‘The Day That Never Comes’. It’s minimalistic approach is quite appropriate at this point in the journey and it’s band of quirky electronics is plenty stimulating. This leads to the title cut’ 1 Body 2 Souls’ which is another standout on the album. It’s bubbly and moderately wonky lead keys are damn cool and the glitchy framework adds just the right amount of texture. A middle section of brooding chord changes and waning tones is the highlight for me though. Just incredibly moody and bound with unique vibes.

Track five ‘A Fool’s Paradise’ is next and it also marks the halfway point of the album. Being one of the funkier tracks on the collection it comes with a nice dance floor appeal and it’s strong melodic build produces one of the most emotional moments on the LP. ‘En Retard’ follows with a more straight forward melodic techno vibe. It’s warped rhythms and firing electronics are some of the most intense here and the alien-like design during the break is quite excellent. We got a glimpse of the next track ‘Ego Anxiety’ in the form of a Kassey Voorn remix which was included on the ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ single back in August. The original is one of the most progressive influenced pieces here I would say. It’s pulsating hypno-bass along with waves of tightly knit percussion are quite intense and the breakbeat influenced drop really stands out. Definitely one of my favourites here. The LP closes with ‘L’Homme Fort’ which is appropriately one of its biggest and perhaps most twisted sounding productions. Sezer’s pulled out all stops to deliver a truly exhilarating conclusion and he’s certainly pulled it off. It’s piercing cascades of white noise and downright terrifying lead tones are menacing to say the least. Given the material that precedes it it’s the ultimate culmination and it does leave you with a great sense of what you’ve just digested. For an album of strictly club oriented material it actually listens as a whole quite well and there are more than a few magic club moments waiting here. Highly Recommended

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