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Most electronic music imprints tend to slow their release schedules down during the last part of the summer season. That however is not the case with Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music who at the present time are enjoying their strongest run of the year. The labels last two releases from Luis Junior and Dustin Nantais have been very successful and this week sees another exceptional offering from the Dutch imprint. The labels 140th release features a brand new single from Sezer Uysal entitled ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ which includes remixes from Mow and Kassey Voorn.

Sezer Uysal has been one of the more diverse producers of the last 5 years or so. From his early more progressive flavoured productions on Balkan Connection, Replug and Baroque Records to a myriad of deeper styles on Outside The Box and Loco Records Sezer has a varied discography which has stood the test of time quite well. ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ is the first single from Sezer’s debut artist album ‘1 Body 2 Souls’ which is due for release on Manual Music in October. It sees Sezer showcasing a much more techno inspired side of his studio skills. Based around a punchy, mid tempo groove ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ flows though a well constructed journey of melancholic themes, soulful atmospheres and sonically satisfying electronics. Bound to be a great mood setting piece it’s the first glimpse from Sezer’s upcoming LP which promises to be outstanding.

The first remix is supplied by the mysterious Mow which is a newly created alias by a well known German deep house producer. The new production moniker is set to showcase a more experimental side of the German’s studio work and his debut remix for ‘Le Grand Labyrinthe’ has done that quite well. Mow’s deeper more introspective interpretation proves to be a great complement to Sezer’s original. It’s radically reconstructed melodies and granular textures are a pure aural delight and it leaves you wanting to hear more from this exciting new alias soon.

The second and final remix on the release comes from Kassey Voorn who returns to Manual Music for his second appearance. The Greek producer released his ‘Stargazer Lily’ single on the label in June of 2012 and has since appeared on Hope Recordings, microCastle and Sudbeat. Kassey has provided a remix of ‘Ego Anxiety’ which is also forthcoming on Sezer’s ‘1 Body 2 Souls’ LP. The Greek producer’s studio depth has always been incredibly impressive. He’s equally adept at producing an emotionally gripping vocal track just as he is a contemporary techno piece that’s bound for dance floor destruction. His interpretation of ‘Ego Anxiety’ is one of the most heady, dynamic sounding remix productions of his career. Driving by monstrous bass stabs and waves of shimmering percussive it’s a track that comes with a pretty massive presence. The small details are expectedly perfect as well from an old school vocal gate to a shuffling rhythmic groove that’s bound for dance floor success. A massive remix from Kassey which is my favourite on the release. An outstanding offering from Manual Music which should have electronic music fans quite excited for Sezer’s forthcoming album.

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