Shane – Jetstream LP (Jetlag Digital)

Jetlag Digital releases are few and far between these days but when they do drop it’s always a special time around Release Promo. The long history behind the label is a testament to owner Shane’s commitment to excellence in electronic music. The labels last release came in September of 2013 and featured Shane’s brilliant ‘Drive’ single. Little did progressive house fans know at the time that ‘Drive’ was in a sense an early preview for Shane’s long awaited second album. The German producer’s first full length ‘Departure’ came three and a half years ago and remains one of Jetlag Digital’s most impressive releases. Shane’s long waited follow-up LP is entitled “Jetstream’ and it includes a nice mix of new original material and remixes.

The album kicks off with the title cut ‘Jetstream’ and it certainly delivers a huge presence straight out of the gate. The acid bass line, charging rhythms and lush vocals all combine for an energetic slice of pure progressive house. Fans of Shane have come to expect a certain timeless electricity with his productions I think and this certainly delivers. It perfectly sets the stage for what was the first single to be taken from the album ‘Drive’. Shane’s warm and energetic brand of progressive house never gets old. His meticulous production and smooth lines are always a pleasure to listen to and with ‘Drive’ he’s crafted another dance floor monster. A big, rumbling groove sits at the foundation while some wicked hypnotic lines slowly build momentum. As the atmosphere slowly engulfs the framework a gorgeous vocal element is introduced which adds a wonderful angelic quality to the record. This leads to the break where the vocal gets further expanded upon and the melodic beauty of the track really shines.

Next up is ‘Rocketship’ which is another new original from Shane. For as pumping as ‘Jetstream’ and Drive’ were ‘Rocketship’ might be packed with even more dance floor energy. Shane’s bouncy bass lines and jumping beats sound as charged as ever here and the accompanying stab and vocal sample are absolutely wicked. This leads to Shane’s remix of Tim Robert ‘Launch Angle’ which was originally released on LuPS Records in May of 2012. Listening to it now it’s hard to believe that it was written over two years ago. The production still sounds impeccably full and crisp. The same could also be said of Shane’s interpretation of Loquai ‘Back Home’ which released over year ago now. Shane’s took the amazing deep elements from Loquai’s original and created a much trancier progressive cut that really rocked. Filled with lovely hypnotic synths and smooth flowing melodies Shane laid down the perfect backdrop for those amazing vocals to work their magic. Two exceptional remixes and it’s great to see them included here. What follows are two more originals from Shane ‘Supersonic’ and ‘Along With You’. The former comes with more of the German producers much loved production hallmarks. The ethereal vocal is absolutely divine and the rumbling synth lines in combination with punishing beats make it an ideal cut for progressive or new school trance sets. ‘Along With You’ might be the lushest most emotional piece of music that Shane has ever produced. The long atmospheric sweeps, blissful pads and heart warming vocal all combine for what is one of the most exhilarating, goosebump moments on the album. The LP concludes with Shane’s remix of East Cafe ‘Europa’ which was released on Morphosis Records back in June of 2011. It carries the same feel good vibes of ‘Along With You’ and just pushes the emotional energy that much higher.

I have to say it’s nice to see some new material from both Shane and Jetlag Digital. It’s a fabulous collection of old school progressive house that the German producer has put together here and hopefully we won’t have to wait too long for the next Jetlag Digital release.

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