Shane Robinson – Themis EP (Sleepless Nights Recordings)

It’s always exciting when a new Sleepless Nights promo gets added the to the site and the labels newest offering more than continues their impressive string of top notch releases. It’s the labels 20th overall and it features the debut of Shane Robinson to the imprint. The Irish producer has been a primary contributor to labels like A Must Have and Silk Textures over the last three years and has also appeared on Progressive House Worldwide. Shane’s debut EP for Sleepless Nights is entitled ‘Themis’ and it comes with remixes from: Dmitry Molosh and Napalm & d-phrag.

The deep, atmospheric grooves of the title cut ‘Themis’ lead the release off in fine style. The tough kick and raspy electronic hooks provide some electricity early and as the hypnotic lines begin to fade into the mix you can feel an excellent groove taking shape. Big granular sweeps and trippy vocal samples add nicely to the smooth flowing groove and carry the track to the main break. The growling underbelly of acid which slowly builds during the interlude is filled with anticipation and as the back drop of tension filled tones continues to pierce the air your dance floor should slowly lose their shit. It’s an epic break but not one that goes to big and the understated way the beats drop back in is a sure fire hands in the air moment. Massive stuff from Shane.

The lone remix of ‘Themis’ is provided by Dmitry Molosh who is returning to Sleepless Nights for his third appearance. The Belarus based producer has come on strong this year with superb releases on 3rd Avenue and Change Audio. His ‘Moonlit Night’ EP which marked his first appearance on Sleepless Nights remains one of the labels most popular releases. For his ‘Themis’ interpretation Dmitry has delivered a deeper and more soulful version which complements the original very well. The lazy groove has lovely swing and the meandering melodic themes in combination with trippy soundscapes are downright intoxicating. Fabulous remix from Dmitry who continues to be one of this year’s most promising up and comers.

The second original included on the release ‘Don’t Believe in Reality’ finds Shane focusing on a deeper more percussive vibe which is just as brilliant as ‘Themis’. The tracks spacious groove has a wonderfully, mesmerizing swing and the late night vibes are bound to go down great in a back room. The clattering percussion is loaded with character and just adds to the hypnotic waves that the smooth rhythmic tones create. Wispy vocal elements adorn the breakdown along with gorgeous musical themes and a well processed bed of electronics. To say it’s a classy sounding production would be an understatement, it is my favourite track on the release and I’d love to hear it out somewhere cause the atmosphere it creates is quite magical.

The lone remix of ‘Don’t Believe in Reality’ comes from Napalm & d-phrag who are returning to Sleepless Nights for their second appearance. The much loved production duo last appeared in early 2013 with their ‘Fluctuation EP’. Considering that Napalm & d-phrag are one of the most prolific production duos the quality that is presented in each successive production is hugely impressive. They’ve got a broad range of routes to go on each remix and thus their discography is filled with productions that are both varied and exciting. For their ‘Don’t Believe in Reality’ interpretation Napalm & d-phrag have toughened up the groove a bit and gone with a mesmerizing atmospheric vibe that you can totally get lost in. The second half in particular really takes off with soaring soundscapes and swirling electronics that come with a lovely character. The vibrant drums give the piece quite a bit of pop as well which makes it much more suitable for a large dance floor. A great complement to Shane’s deeper original and it rounds out an exceptional release on Sleepless Nights who continue to be one of our favourite labels here at Release Promo.

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