Shane – Rocketship EP (Jetlag Digital)

Jetlag Digital returns with brand new interpretations of ‘Rocketship’ from Napalm & d-phrag, Tim Robert and Jacco@Work.

shane rocketship

We last heard from Shane’s Jetlag Digital in July of this year. US producer Tim Robert’s ‘Big Dream In Blue’ was released with an amazing collection of remixes from: AudioStorm, F-Act and Yuriy From Russia. Prior to that was Shane’s much anticipated second album ‘Jetstream’ which showcased the German producer’s take on traditional progressive house to rave reviews. The album had several standout tracks that have featured heavily is Shane’s sets this year. The third track on the LP ‘Rocketship’ was undoubtedly one of its largest. Shane’s bouncy bass lines and jumping beats were as charged as ever and the accompanying stabs and vocal hooks were equally wicked. Now for Jetlag’s 163rd and presumably last release of 2014 we see brand new interpretations of ‘Rocketship’ from Napalm & d-phrag, Tim Robert and Jacco@Work.

The duo of Napalm & d-phrag released their first project together just over two years ago and it’s certainly been a fruitful partnership ever since. Almost 150 releases have been added to their discography and their club friendly progressive sound has been featured on labels like 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection and Stellar Fountain. For their ‘Rocketship’ interpretation Napalm & d-phrag have stripped the groove down a touch and focused on the great rhythmic and percussive elements from Shane’s original. The lead stab has been tightened and the distinctive vocal sample gets to shine during the tastefully brief main break. All in all its another very well constructed club rework from Napalm & d-phrag which complements the more old school flavoured original quite well.

The second interpretation of ‘Rocketship’ is provided by Tim Robert who is making his fifth appearance on Jetlag Digital. The US based producer has been a fixture of NYC nightlife for many years both as a DJ and event promoter. Production wise Tim has released the aforementioned ‘Big Dream In Blue’ earlier this year along with a remix of Rogier & Stage Van H on Abstract Space Recordings. I can imagine this may have been a tough remix for Tim as his production style is quiet similar to Shane’s but he’s done a really good job at delivering something quite different from the original. The bass line has been chopped and reshaped into a funky, spacious groove that really carries some weight. The lead hypnotic line has an amazing flickering quality which in a dark, strobe filled room could be quite deadly. One of the coolest moments though is how the vocal gate slowly ascends up into the full vocal as the track is stripping down into the main break; it’s a subtle thing but one a clued up crowd will certainly appreciate. Great remix from Tim.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Rocketship’ is provided by Jacco@Work who is making his first appearance on Jetlag Digital. The Dutch producer and LuPS Records label boss has closed the release out quite nicely with a very strong remix. With a lovely revamp of the groove and some clever vocal edits Jacco’s version is both energetic and funky. The brief main break relieves the groove based tension momentarily and sets up a strong second half of rolling lines and further modulation of the vocal snips. Great remix from Jacco and a top notch release from Jetlag Digital, let’s hope we see another one soon.

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