Silinder – Basement EP (Proton)

Silinder returns to Proton, following up his wonderful Solas EP from just over a year ago with another equally superb three-track outing.

Opener ‘Slow Emotion’ is aptly named, delivering a hit of slo-mo hypnotic and dreamy progressive house, with drifting melodies and warm bass tones, and a trancier hook coming to the fore during the breakdown. This is just a gorgeous gem of a track. ’21:21′ spikes the the energy levels, raising the tempo and adding a groovy, swaying bassline. Fortunately it also manages to keep the beautiful dynamics of the first track, with layers of chiming, cosmic melodies, which build to a fantastic drop as the bass powers back in. Completing the trilogy is ‘Last Light’, which boasts a techier, stab-heavy sound and two downright nasty basslines that feed off each other nicely, though there are also plenty of atmospheric pads and chimes to add welcome splashes of melody throughout.

This is utterly wonderful stuff from Silinder and Proton yet again, with ‘Slow Emotion’ and ’21:21′ in particular providing absolute treats. 8.5/10



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