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Simos Tagias and Billy Alex – Nature Voice (Mistique Music)

The latest release on Mistique Music features a new collaborative single from Simos Tagias and Billy Alex.

Simos Tagias & Billy Alex - Natural Voice

The Greek duo both had outstanding years in 2014 and collectively appeared on BC2, System Recordings, Soundteller Records, Stellar Fountain and Suffused Music. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music’s has gotten 2015 off to a great start with the release of Napalm & d-phrag’s ‘La Tristeza’. That strong momentum continues with Simos and Billy’s new single ‘Nature Voice’ which includes two great remixes from Michael A. and Scott Williams.

The Greek progressive scene has certainly been flourishing the last five years. Labels like Movement Recordings and Dopamine Music have been pushing quality underground music and a great collective of artists are coming up fast as a result. Simos and Billy certainly fall into that category and ‘Nature Voice’ is further evidence that there are amazing things going on in Greece. The duos dreamy, hypnotic construction is enchanting at every turn. From its rolling waves of bass to haunting vocal pads and fluid rhythms there are a wealth of textures to get lost in. What really makes it better than your average progressive tune is the dance floor sensibility that it has. The drum elements and rhythmic components contribute heavily to this, the result is a production that’s incredibly dreamy but still groovy enough for the floor. Brilliant work from Simos and Billy.

The first interpretation of ‘Nature Voice’ is provided by Michael A who is making his second appearance on Mistique Music. The Belarus based producer has become one of his country’s top progressive house talents and recent productions for 3rd Avenue, Balkan Connection, Clinique Recordings and Movement Recordings certainly exemplify that. Always known for his deeper and groovier sound Michael has once again worked that magic on ‘Nature Voice’. The reworked bass line offers a more spacious groove and the overall vibe of the production is much airier as a result. The lead melodic components and vocal elements are much more esoteric here and simply teased over the framework for the most part. It’s a great complement to the original and one that’s certainly going to be a favourite of the new school progressive house DJs out there.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Nature Voice’ is provided by Scott Williams who is making his first appearance on Mistique Music. The UK born but now Malta based producer came on strong in 2014 with releases on BQ Recordings, Balkan Connection South America, OLD SQL Recordings and PHW Elements. Scott’s deep but driving style is perfect for today’s contemporary minded DJ but also comes with enough energy that it finds its way into the bigger sets as well. His interpretation of ‘Natural Voice is a great example of that. It’s rolling, momentous framework is certainly packed with energy but the drifting atmospheres and hazy overlays keep it nice and cool at the same time. A gorgeous remix from Scott which rounds out an excellent release on Mistique Music, one of the best on the label in a while. Don’t miss it.

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