Simos Tagias – Remain Strong (Dopamine Music)

The 33rd release on Dopamine Music sees the return of Simos Tagias to the label.

Simos Tagias - Remain Strong

The Greek producer rose to new heights in 2014. His unique blend of tech house inspired grooves and progressive flavoured melodies were a deadly combination and one that very few dance floors could resist. Gig wise 2014 was also filled with great moments for Simos, opening for Guy J in November and appearing at the Bloque Festival earlier in year were just two of the highlights. 2015 looks to be even better with Simos’ new ‘Remain Strong’ EP for Dopamine Music kicking it off in fine style.

The first and also title cut ‘Remain Strong’ leads the EP off with the percussive, moody vibes that Simos has become so loved for. A smooth atmospheric build over the first two minutes gradually reveals the bass line which is a rolling harmonic beast filled with emotional energy. Chugging rhythms and a swirling, hypnotic backdrop carry the track into the main break where records gigantic foundation and gaseous design gets showcased even further. The second half adds further texture and a sparkling melodic complement which works in perfect unison with the dulcet grooves. The end result is a massive end of the night style record from Simos.

The companion piece ‘Something Wrong’ proves to be equally brilliant and comes with a decidedly funkier approach. Backed by a romping groove and charged rhythms it carries the momentous energy that you’ve come t expect from Simos. A subtle harmonic drift, mallet-like keys and celestial vocal pads highlight the production which effortlessly builds to a dramatic conclusion. Two beauties from Simos and another top notch offering from Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music . Don’t miss it!

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