Simos Tagias – Sweet Obsession (ICONYC)

The latest release from John Johnson’s ICONYC welcomes Simos Tagias to the label for his debut single.

Simos Tagias - Sweet Obsession (ICONYC)

The Greek artist has been a staple of Tash’s Movement Recordings in recent years and also owns releases on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Cid Inc’s Replug Records. Now stepping up for his first appearance on ICONYC Simos presents the much anticipated ‘Sweet Obsession’ alongside remixes from K Nass and Marcelo Paladini.

Blessed with the ability to craft groovy, progressive dance floor killers It’s hard to believe ICONYC is at release number 103 and Simos has never been on the label but ‘Sweet Obsession’ has made it well worth the wait. Thick slabs of bass carve out a rugged and swing heavy foundation as mystical atmospheres slowly surround the framework. The Greek artist’s drums are unmistakable and sound as lively as ever here. The degree of subtlety in which the lead themes are delivered is quite lovely; from delicate chord stabs to an esoteric lead it’s a wondrous journey into the musical cosmos and perhaps one of Simos’ most satisfying creations to date.

The first interpretation of ‘Sweet Obsession’ is provided by K Nass who is also making his ICONYC debut. The Egyptian artist and Northern Lights Music label boss has been quiet for the first six weeks of 2017 but that all changes this week with two brand new remixes getting released, the other courtesy of Madloch’s 3rd Avenue. His interpretation here comes with all the quality we’ve come expect from K Nass; stellar effects, dark over tones and a perfectly sculpted groove. For all of its dark beginnings though the break brings some subtle yet highly emotive moments. Quite spaced out and cosmic, it’s a meditative build back to the groove where vocal fragments and delicate melodies converge for a gorgeous finale. 

The release concludes with Marcelo Paladini also making his first ICONYC appearance. The Argentinean artist kicked the year off in style with his ‘Blows of Life’ single courtesy of Balkan Connection, which followed a successful 2016 with releases on Soundteller Records, One Of A Kind and Superordinate Music. Now keeping the momentum going Marcelo delivers a top notch interpretation of ‘Sweet Obsession’ to close the release out. Staying quite close to the original in overall mood the mix brings more of a pure progressive feel with a traditional groove sitting as the anchor. Always a master at crafting gorgeous melodies, Marcelo’s more pronounced take comes in clean, serene and breathtakingly gorgeous. A beautiful way to end another top notch release on John Johnson’s ICONYC. Don’t miss it.


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