Sjoerd Korsuize – Deviate (Balkan Connection)

The 253rd release on Balkan Connection sees Sjoerd Korsuize returning to the label for his second appearance. The Dutch producer first came to our attention with his productions for both System Recordings and Jacco@Work’s LuPS Records imprint. His first appearance on Balkan Connection was just last month with a contribution to the labels ‘Balkan Connection Goes Amsterdam 2013’ and here Sjoerd delivers his first single entitled ‘Deviate’.

Sjoerd’s sound is quite varied; if you take a listen to his discography there is a wide range of well produced tech house, progressive and deeper more funky sounds. The one thing that sticks out though is all the grooves are quite strong and always seem to have a nose for the dance floor. ‘Deviate’ certainly fits that description very well. The pulsating, hypnotic framework is super smooth and the building atmospheric tension makes it ideal for constructing a properly programmed set. Top notch stuff from Sjoerd. The first remix is supplied by the incredibly prolific Ewan Rill. The Russian producer just dropped a superb 2 tracker on Dave Shtorn’s Magic Room Records and his remix here is another wicked dance floor burner. Ewan’s grinding groove takes things into deeper and darker territory. The super polished aquatic accents sound absolutely fabulous and the chunky groove is completely monstrous by the 4 minute mark. Huge remix from Ewan. The second interpretation is provided by Marc Pollen who has really opened a lot of people’s eyes this year. The Dutch producer’s ‘Just You’ EP perfectly showcased his pristinely produced blend of tech house and progressive. Marc’s ‘Deviate’ interpretation adds a wickedly funky complement to the package. The forceful bass stabs and wispy vocal loops carve out a killer groove while the spacey acid lines tantalize the senses quite nicely. Solid stuff from Marc. The final remix on the package is provided by Oscar Holgado who has been one of this year’s most talked about up and comers. His ‘al-andalus’ single on System Recordings is one of this year’s biggest releases and here Oscar has closed the package out with a great remix of ‘Deviate’. The big spacious bass line lays down a great foundation while some sonic sounding synths gently wash over the piece. The vocal samples add a bit of timeless vibe here and the tough claps provide some serious bounce to the groove. The short drop is well constructed as well; just a brief interlude to relieve some tension before the great groove drops back in for a smooth finish. A great remix from Oscar and a very good release from Balkan Connection.

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