Sol Selectas Drops An Enchanting Deep House Release from Ali Kuru

Available In Stores On October 14

Sol Selectas is a pioneering label that brings world culture to electronic music often fusing traditional sounds with modern electronica.

Run by Sabo, the label has something of a spiritual vibe with mystic atmosphere intertwined with melodic grooves and shamanistic sounds that enchant the dance floor.

Turkish artist Ali Kuru provides the original music with two tracks that embrace traditional instruments which he seamlessly blends with his unique style of beats.

Ali Kuru is at the forefront of Turkey’s emerging electronic music scene, and he has released on other labels including Exotic Refreshment, Underyourskin, 8Bit and Leng Records.

We have an exclusive first play premiere of “Donuk” which in the press release is referred to as an “epic journey of spiritual transformation”, and it’s an exquisite deep house track that certainly lives up to the description.

Also, featured on the release is a remix from Satori who is a leader of his genre, and you can pre-order a copy of the EP from HERE.


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