Sol Selectas continues to dazzle with a new EP from Thankyou City feat. remixes by Audiofly and Jon Charnis

Sol Selectas

It’s hard to know where to start when writing about the new release on Sol Selectas, as it’s got so many talking points adding to its overall exceptional quality.

The original artists Thankyou City are quite new with only a handful of previous releases, but it also features remixes from Audiofly and Jon Charnis who are both leading artists at the top of their genre.

Audiofly, in particular, are well known to fans of electronic music, having featured on nearly all of house music’s finest record labels. Jon Charnis is also very established as both a DJ and producer with music featured on labels ranging from All Day I Dream to Innervisions.

On a release like this, it would be easy for the original tracks to get overshadowed by the remixes, but this is one instance where that’s not the case, as Thankyou City’s works have a unique style that is hard to ignore.

“Analogue Odyssey” which is the title track, is very distinctive with its use of sampling and has a quirky but functional sound that is atmospheric and trippy as hell. Constantly throwing different samples at you, its ever-changing mood is nothing but a work of art. Equally captivating, “Resend” is on a much deeper tip, and it’s a blissed-out cut with flutes and other calming sounds.

Each of the remix versions also adds it’s own flavour, with Audiofly going epic, and Jon Charnis keeping it deep and chuggy with his synth lead masterpiece.

You can buy the release now from HERE


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