Some Little Things – Puro / Everything Has A Solution (Slideways Music)

The latest release on Tim Penner’s Slideways Music welcomes Some Little Things to the label for their debut EP.

Some Little Things

Leandro Moyano & Matias Medina hail from Argentina and make up the Some Little Things production team. With just six releases under their belts the Argentinean duo have already built a strong following through radio and chart support from Hernan Cattaneo. Their discography has been highlighted by appearances on Nick Warren’s Hope Recordings and Nikko.Z’s Dopamine Music. Tim Penner’s Slideways has similarly enjoyed a steady rise since launching in October of 2014. The Canadian imprint carefully selected projects and built a great profile, now almost a year later the label boasts an artist roster that includes Gai Barone and Kassey Voorn as well as a Beatport Top 10 release. When two parties meet on the way up positive things tend to happen and the latest project from Some Little Things certainly exemplifies that.

The EP gets underway with ‘Everything Has A Solution’ which finds Some Little Things crafting a cool, progressive groover. Anchored by a classic, rolling bassline it’s got an infectious energetic vibe straight away. Soft stabs and tonal rhythms lock the groove down a notch further while a subtle atmospheric motif begins to develop. As each element gets added in a beautiful calmness comes over the piece, before eventually initiating a breakdown of luminous key clusters. It would have to be the crowning musical achievement of Some Little Things career up to this point and it gets the EP off to a great start.

The companion piece ‘Puro’ comes in a touch deeper and more tripped out while still retaining the great drive that Some Little Things have become so loved for. Long gaseous sweeps, mysterious textures and some riveting percussion complement the groove nicely before some grandiose string elements get dropped in. The overall space and scope of the piece comes up a lot here and suddenly begins to feel pretty damn epic. Spiralling synths drift in and out of the framework along with waves of feedback and many indistinct motifs. It makes the 10 minute plus running time blow by pretty quick and a growling final break proves to be the icing on the cake. Two absolute beauties from Some Little Things and another on the money release for Tim Penner’s Slideways Music. Don’t miss it.

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