Sonderzug – Simulated Universe (ICONYC)

John Johnson’s ICONYC (formerly 238W Inc.) returns this week with a brand new single from Sonderzug.

Sonderzug - Simulated Universe (ICONYC)

The Austrian producer has been a staple on the imprint since its inception and has also appeared on label affiliate Hydrogen most recently with his ‘Fake Existence’ single. Now we see Sonderzug returning to ICONYC for his fifth appearance and a new single alongside remixes from GMJ and Alfonso Muchacho. 

For someone with such a short discography Sonderzug’s music plays like a seasoned veteran’s. His latest ‘Simulated Universe’ begins with crisp beats and tight percussive elements, ultimately leading to the introduction of a spoken word vocal. Quite distinctive the narrative plays out in strong relation to the title and also strikes a timeless chord in the process. Add to that a lovely melodic component and smooth rhythmic flow and the end result is really well rounded piece of electronic music. Should stand the test of time quite nicely as well.

The first interpretation on the release finds GMJ making his first appearance on ICONYC. The Aussie producer continues to be one of the underground’s most creative talents and he shows it time and time again, most recently on a wonderful remix of East Cafe’s ‘Indian Summer’ released courtesy Proton’s Particles. Here he takes ‘Simulated Universe’ into deeper, hypnotic territory. Beginning with almost a tech house kind of vibe the swollen low end and mesmerising atmospherics quickly change that into a chuggy, brooding beast of a track. The vocals get used nicely, playing throughout the second act and building a wonderful vibe as a bevy of spaced out designs swirl around the framework. It’s one of those tracks that just has a cool, effortless vibe, that you could probably listen to endlessly cause it’s such a pleasure to the ears. Gorgeous remix from GMJ.

Closing the release out is another one of the underground’s big guns Alfonso Muchacho who is also making his first appearance on ICONYC. The UK based artist has had a very strong 2016 with standout productions for Superordinate Music and PHW Elements. Much like GMJ he’s one of the more creative guys in the progressive underground who’s managed to avoid a generic sound. His interpretation of ‘Simulated Universe’ comes off quite modern with a lovely set of cascading tones and wonky hooks all set against a tightly knit, minimalistic framework. The rising atmospheres lead nicely into the break where the vocal narrative plays out in somewhat of a deconstructed fashion. There’s some lovely emotion from those elastic synths which go on a modular roller-coaster eventually leading to a tasteful drop. Brilliant remix from Alfonso which rounds out another top notch release on John Johnson’s ICONYC (formerly 238W Inc.). Don’t miss it. 


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