Sonoros – Drei Linden (Symmetric Records)

The latest release on Oscar Holgado’s Symmetric Records features the debut of an exciting new alias.

Sonoros - Drei-Linden

Most diehard progressive house fans are familiar with Dutch producer Sjoerd Korsuize; over the last four years his productions have been featured on Balkan Connection, LuPS Records and System Recordings. This week we find Sjoerd presenting his brand new ‘Sonoros’ moniker with the projects debut single entitled ‘Drei Linden’.

Many of Sjoerd’s recent productions have been cool hybrids of progressive and tech house. ‘Sistema’ and ‘Deviate’ (both for Balkan Connection) carried a wonderful progressive sensibility but still managed to retain the grooviness of a more traditional tech house production. For his new Sonoros project we see a somewhat deeper more hypnotic take on his traditional sound. Backed by a wobbly and lazily romping groove it certainly has a great nose for the dance floor. The gentle rising rhythms, classic chord changes and a nice complement of vocal loops keep the energy smooth throughout and a few timely drops keep your attention all the sharper. Great stuff from Sonoros.

The first interpretation of ‘Drei Linden’ is provided by Stanisha who is making his first appearance on Symmetric Records. Regarded by many as one of the most creative progressive producers of the last five years Stanisha’s sound seems to be in a continual state of flux; you never know quite what to expect but it will almost certainly be interesting and quite stimulating. His ‘Drei Linden’ interpretation has turned out quite cool; a beefed up groove has given the track a bigger presence and the chopped up vocals add to the spacey, timeless vibe that many of his productions carry. Stanisha’s always had very round, detailed foundations and this one is gargantuan. The well carved, bubbly textures form one hell of a groove which make for an undulating ride. The main break is quite brief and really just serves up some suspenseful anticipation before an increasingly spaced out third act takes you up a few notches higher. Lovely work from Stanisha.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Drei Linden’ is provided by Mitaric who is also making his debut appearance on Symmetric Records. There are not a lot of notable progressive house producers from the USA but Mitaric is certainly one. Introduced to the world with a remix and an EP on Electronic Tree in 2013 Mitaric rose to even greater heights in 2014. By year’s end he had added 22 releases to his discography with appearances on 3rd Avenue, System Recordings and PHW Elements being some of the standouts. His light and airy interpretation of ‘Drei Linden’ certainly gets 2015 off to a great start. Mitaric definitely has a way with floaty textures and blissful soundscapes; not in a cheesy way though but more introspective or even meditative. Things do get a touch epic particularly during the main break but it’s crafted in the most classy way possible. Excellent stuff from Mitaric and a great release from Symmetric Records.

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