Soulfinder – Amsterdam (238W Inc.)

The latest release on 238W Inc. welcomes Soulfinder back to the label for a brand new single.


The Irish producer and Sleepless Nights label boss is just coming off the release of his ADE 2015 compilation, which he not only mixed but compiled (with label partner Vincent Furlong). There are few producers you can point to who have a timeless progressive sensibility about their productions but Soulfinder is definitely one. His latest offering ‘Amsterdam’ is one of his best yet and it includes remixes from Loquai and Tuxedo.

Appropriately timed, ‘Amsterdam’ sees the light of day just following ADE and finds Soulfinder at his deep and groovy best. Beginning with warm, glistening atmospheres and angelic vocal pads, the vibe at the outset is otherworldly to say the least. As the framework begins to take shape and rhythmic structures develop you can feel it’s dance floor mentality growing. Then the beats drop along with a semi-acid loop which propels the track forward with great momentum. Swirling synths soon descend over the groove along with softer overlays which carry the track into the main break. Not looking to go overboard here, Soulfinder works those great elements before washing them away in favour of a stripped, drummy groove which should light up an educated floor. It’s a great moment and one which leads the track to a powerful finish, as the elements slowly reconvene and intensify during a rousing third act. Wonderful stuff from Soulfinder.

The first interpretation of ‘Amsterdam’ is provided by Loquai who is making his first appearance on 238W Inc. The Russian born now Germany based producer recently started his own imprint ‘Refined Tunes’, which promises to bring more quality progressive house to the underground. One of Loquai’s most recent works was his take on Da Luka’s ‘Windfall’ which was released earlier this month on Balkan Connection. His unique bass lines are some of the grooviest around and he carved out another killer one here for his 238W debut. In staying true to the sultry themes from the original Loquai has gone deeper and smoother with great results. The emphasis on the elastic like bass hooks and an all round sparser framework make this work wonderfully. The lack of any significant breakdown makes the stripped down section at the five minute mark all the more impactful and sets up a warm, exhilarating conclusion quite nicely. Lovely work from Loquai.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Amsterdam’ is provided by Tuxedo who is making his sixth appearance on 238W Inc. The Polish artist and Electronic Tree label boss has become an integral part of the 238W Inc. family, having delivered 3 originals and one remix since his debut in September of 2014. His productions tend to vary, some come in quite deep and groovy, while he can occasionally push the progressive boundaries as well with larger, more main room creations. His ‘Amsterdam’ interpretation definitely falls into the latter category and certainly creates its own unique mystique along the way, while still retaining the overall spirit of the original. Backed by a rolling, funk-laden groove it’s Tuxedo’s spacey design qualities and warped, rhythmic swing which proves to be quite intoxicating. a well constructed break sits right at the heart of the production and the third act goes even funkier, deeper and more spaced out for a fabulous end to the release. Outstanding remix from Tuxedo and one of my favourites from him ever in fact. Another top notch selection of music from 238W Inc, who continue to be one of this year’s strongest labels. Highly Recommended.

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