Soulfinder – Out Of Time feat Amanda Dempsey (Pitch Music)

Russian label Pitch Music returns this week for their first release of 2014 and undoubtedly one of the labels biggest to date. If you take a look at the Pitch catalog they’ve built up a nice discography over their now almost 7 year existence. They’ve managed to top them all this week though with the return of Soulfinder to the label. The Irish producer and half of the excellent Sleepless Nights imprint is a relatively hot commodity at the moment with his ‘Spoken Truth’ single towards the end of 2013 making some noise in the underground. Soulfinder’s new single for Pitch Music is entitled ‘Out Of Time’ feat. Amanda Dempsey and it comes with remixes from: Silinder, Loquai and Andre Sobota.

Soulfinder has really broadened his production scope in the last year. His earlier productions always had this wonderful dream-like quality to them but now he really seems to be much more versatile in the studio as he’s been releasing a wider range of sounds and styles. On ‘Out Of Time’ he’s provided two versions here, the Original and Vocal Mix. The Original mix features a lovely atmospheric intro with lots of vibrant drum elements slowly getting added into the mix. The melodic subtleties come to light as well which sets up the introduction of the bassline perfectly. Meaty, raw and full of immense shape the foundation is quite incredible and should be murderous in a club setting. The top end gets picked up as well with sections of rhythmic stabs getting dropped in which add an additional air of electricity to the piece. The main break serves to bring things right down to just a serene soundscape and a set of well textured keys which pulls those emotional heart strings quite well. The grinding foundation slowly fades back in and once the kick drops those scattered drum elements reappear as well. Just the kick, foundation and drums sound absolutely spectacular; a very colourful, vibrant sounding record and when you add in all the melodic subtleties it’s just dynamite. Great stuff from Soulfinder. The vocal mix features all those great elements from the original along with Amanda’s heavenly vocals which get intertwined all the way through the mix and are especially striking during the main breakdown. Can’t go wrong with either version here.

If we had to pick a producer of year for 2013 Silinder would have been at the top of that list. It’s a very rare event that one of his productions doesn’t end up at the top of our Hype Chart and he’s done it again here with consecutive weeks at the #1 position. Silinder’s done something I didn’t quite expect here, he’s turned in a deeper, trippy interpretation that I absolutely love. The pristine sounding production techniques that we’ve all come to expect from Silinder are certainly in place but with a much hazier, atmospheric vibe overall. The framework of the record almost has a dubby feel to as well which sounds super fresh. Amanda’s vocals have been reinvented masterfully by Silinder with a more instrumental quality about them which just adds more texture and depth to the record. It’s a fabulous production from Silinder and one that’s certainly deserving of the #1 spot in our Hype Chart.

Fan favourite Loquai provides the next interpretation and as always he doesn’t disappoint. Another one of Loquai’s big basslines sits at the foundation and creates an absolutely wicked groove. After some light atmospherics and subtle melodic keys the track breaks down for the vocal to be introduced. Loquai has stayed quite true to original here and really showcased the vocal elements prominently. They flow through the entire track without being overbearing in anyway and once the chord changes hit the bottom end the vocal sounds just that much more emotional. Great stuff from Loquai.

The final remix on the release is provided by Andre Sobota who continues to be one of the more in demand progressive house producers around. Andre’s provided the perfect complement to all the other progressive interpretations here as he’s veering close to trance territory with this one. Punchy, dynamic beats along with soaring melodies and wonderfully washed out vocals make this one of Andre’s more epic sounding creations to date. It’s also something that should find favour with Above & Beyond and Markus Schulz who have long been supporters of Andre’s classy melodic constructions. Stellar work as usual from Andre. Huge release from Pitch Music who start 2014 off on a very strong note. Let’s see what the future holds for this long running Russian imprint.

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