Soulfire – Cosmos (Soulfire Downloads)

As 2014 is rapidly winding to a close Soulfire Downloads returns for their 48th release which features a new single from label owner and founder Soulfire.

soulfire - cosmos

It’s been a quiet but also successful year for the UK born Australian based artist. Three originals (one in conjunction with GabiM) and a remix for Clinique Recordings have been the highlights and have shown a more refined sound than previous outings. Soulfire’s latest single in entitled ‘Cosmos’ and it comes with remixes from Namatjira and Yuriy From Russia.

Soulfire’s productions always feature some of the biggest most menacing bass lines around and ‘Cosmos’ is no exception. The rumbling foundation carries not only an amazing presence but rolls with great momentum. A complement of panning, swirly atmospherics delivers a great hypnotic element and sets the stage nicely for the main rhythmic components which are the star of the show. These finely tuned hooks then carry the track through a tension filled break and on to a rather storming conclusion. Great stuff from Soulfire.

The first interpretation of ‘Cosmos’ is provided by Namatjira who is making his debut on Soulfire Downloads. A lot of producers carried great momentum throughout 2014 and Namatjira was certainly one. His much sought after remix of Subsky’s ‘Strawberry Fields’ was released on Spring Tube in October and his ‘Yamana’ original signed to Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music was also a highlight. For his ‘Cosmos’ interpretation Namatjira has taken all the great rhythmic elements from Soulfire’s original and crafted a bubbly, tripped out journey which should have all the melodic lovers drooling. Aside from a romping groove which is likely to be perfect for the floor the pixie-like leads are quite lovely and monumentally stimulating. Awesome remix form Namatjira.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Cosmos’ is provided by Yuriy From Russia who is also making his first appearance on Soulfire Downloads. Easily one of 2014’s most prolific producers Yuriy From Russia has amassed a jaw dropping discography of over 150 releases this year. You never know quite what to expect from Yuriy; he can go big and burly prog or keep things pretty deep and refined. On his ‘Cosmos’ interpretation he has definitely jacked things up and delivered a big peak time progressive rework. The bass line which comes with a really wicked roll stands out right away and the rising atmospheres along with smooth chord changes definitely give this a peak time vibe. You would expect a massive breakdown somewhere but there really isn’t one and the mix is all the better for it. A big time driver from Yuriy which rounds out a top release on Soulfire Downloads. Looking forward to see what they do in 2015.

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