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Spacey Gray Unveils His Latest Release ‘Stardust 3000’

Spacey Gray is here with a new unmissable production. The Australian DJ and music producer gets ready to introduce his latest hit ’Stardust 3000’. 

Following the remarkable releases of his Techno track ‘Will Powah’ and his own version of Gorillaz well-known hit ‘Feel Good Inc.’, Spacey Gray pushes his drive and motivation forward with this new mesmerizing track. 

His sound and style, that blends his love and passion for different Electronic music genres to create unique bangers, is on full display with this new release. With more than 10 years of experience as a DJ and music producer, Spacey Gray knows well how to convey uplifting vibes and powerful energies through his amazing productions, and this new single is no exception. 

This time he unveils his latest track ’Stardust 3000’, an unrivaled listening journey and experience for all his followers and listeners across the globe, guided by his masterful and impeccable taste and skills. 

A shuffled hard-hitting beat starts ‘Stardust 3000’ off; its synth line carries a mysterious yet uplifting vibe that continues on throughout the song. 

The intensity of the track keeps building up, while the energizing synths and pads take the track to a new level. The powerful Breakbeat beat maintains the energy of the track at an all-time high throughout the song’s entire length. 

A fresh, uplifting yet somehow mysterious opus; this production puts Spacey Gray’s name even higher on the list of trailblazing artists experimenting and delivering unmissable hits at a constant basis.  

Don’t forget to follow Spacey Gray’s latest updates as he keeps releasing new and unprecedented productions that prove his ever-experimenting nature and his will and mission to share impactful and blissful music that resonates with audiences all over the world. 

’Stardust 3000’ is out now and available in all major streaming platforms and online stores.

Listen and buy ‘Stardust 3000’ now 

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