Review: SPEICHER 98 | Danny Daze & Shokh / Patrice Bäumel (Kompakt)

Kompakt’s SPEICHER brand has become synonymous with featuring the world’s best producers, who are on top of their game and showcasing the sound that is killing dancefloors right now! SPEICHER 98 is no different…

Danny Daze and Shokh provide us with the first track on the EP called ‘Aire’ and it’s an absolute weapon. The Miami native has provided us with his signature low-end groove that also manages to channel his love for electro. Noticeably quicker than you’d expect, the sparse nature of the percussion has room to breathe yet rolls along at such a pace that it never loses its energy. Simple, yet effective.

Patirce Baumel steps up to the plate next with his track ‘Sorcery’. No stranger to the Kompakt label, Patrice has set the world of fire the last 12-18 months and he’s not slowing down with this release. ‘Sorcery’ is a symphony of percussion. Tightly wound, the track ebbs and flows expertly to create wonderful tension throughout. Rather than providing a big pay-off, Patrice introduces a shuffled kick-drum and rolling bass line that would work perfectly in a whole range of circumstances on the dancefloor. This track is a DJ’s dream. It’s not the track that you’ll remember the following morning, but it’s the kind of track that will make the next one sound even better.


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