Springa – Stay For The Show (System Recordings)

Springa makes his System Recordings debut with ‘Stay For The Show’ featuring remixes from Inkfish, Jelly For The Babies and Loquai.

Stay For The Show

For those not familiar with Springa it’s a new solo alias for Mattias Lindblom from the widely known Inkfish production duo. With the inception of the project being in the last quarter of 2014 the Springa alias has just 3 credits on its discography with an appearance on Baroque’s ADE 2014 compilation being the most notably. ‘Stay For The Show’ would have to be considered Springa’s first proper single and System Recordings has put together a great package for it.

For those that love Inkfish’s timeless take on progressive house you’re bound to love what Springa is doing as well. ‘Stay For The Show’ gets underway with a bouncy, elastic-like groove that carries some serious oomph. Buzzing synths and polished drums lift the energy just before the introduction of a cross-cultural vocal wail. It’s a distinctive storyboard which flows through a myriad of tonal shifts that are sure to keep your dance floor entranced. The main break keeps the electricity high with a heavy atmospheric presence which sets off a wicked second half conclusion. Very nice work from Springa.

The first interpretation of ‘Stay For The Show’ is, oddly enough, provided by Inkfish. The Swedish production act have a storied history in electronic music. Their nearly two decade long career features numerous highlights with appearances on Anjunadeep and Bedrock being the most notable. Their remix of ‘Stay For The Show’ marks their first appearance on System Recordings and offers a slightly funkier, housier vibe than the more proggy original. The vocals have been downplayed a fair bit in favour of a grinding harmonic theme which is really cool. Awesome remix from Inkfish.

The second interpretation of ‘Stay For The Show’ is provided by Jelly For The Babies who is making his System Recordings debut here. The Serbian producer has been a purveyor of deep house and modern progressive sounds for years now. He launched his first imprint The Purr in July of last year which has been delivering broad ranges of club music and electronica with great success. Jelly’s recent productions; remixes for Nash Donson and Scott Williams rank up there with his smoothest work to date and his ‘Stay For The Show’ interpretation keeps that great momentum flowing. Backed by a gnarly new school style groove it’s well shaped hooks are sure to be deadly on the floor. The reworked vocals are downplayed considerably which sounds a lot more ethereal and the main break has a cool, understated presence which really enhances the re-entry of the groove. Great stuff from Jelly.

The third and final interpretation of ‘Stay For The Show’ is provided by Loquai who is also making his debut on System Recordings. The Russian born Germany based producer has gone deep for his ‘Stay For The Show’ remix and the result is quite cool. Layered beats and blunt bass stabs give the groove some nice funk while the rest of the mix keeps things minimal and vibey for the most part. It’s also void of all the vocals so if you’re looking for a pure dub this is the mix for you. Great stuff from Loquai and a really nice debut for Springa on System Recordings

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