Stereo Underground – A New Hero Is Born

Neale Moore shares his thoughts on Stereo Underground’s deubt solo album

Taking almost a year to complete and produced in solitude, this stunning long player from Stereo Underground is resounding lesson to all, that hard work and dedication, really can pay off.

The opener, ‘Flying Glow’ greets us with conceptual ambient tones, and introduces the stylistic concept of succinct spacious arrangements, layers of wide-screen atmospherics and hypnotic progressions, throughout the album.

‘The Art Of Silence’s’ fluffy mellow piano tones, leads us to the new single, indie/dance crossover ‘Little Red Head’, as ghostly vocals and spacey sounds slide across shimmering breaks that sparkle in sunlight. Think Telepopmusik, on steroids.

Next we’re greeted with trance-like euphoria on ‘Above The Sea Of Fog’. And where that took us high, ‘Echoes’ plunges us deep an low. ‘Breakfast on Mars’, is a beautiful chill out composition, that offers a brief hiatus and chance to gather oneself for what’s on the horizon…

Whilst ‘Lost in Words’ takes us under, yet more deep prog vibes are visited with ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Mindhunter’. ‘Technomalya’ is exactly what the last three were preparing you for…

‘For A Moment of truth’ is my personal favourite, an atmospheric curtain closer, gilded by off kilter breaks and a trance riff that even Gatecrasher kids of old would die for!

‘The art of silence’ is perfectly crafted and presents a truly cohesive, compelling vision. There are reminders of Scene Delete and Underworld on offer here too – never a bad thing in this man’s eyes.

Albums like this don’t come around very often. Make time for this. Essential in every way.


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