Stergios – City Groove / Sleeping Beauty (Just Movement)

The 23rd release on Just Movement welcomes Stergios back to the label for a brand new single.

Stergios - City Groove / Sleeping Beauty (Just Movement)

The Greek producer is making his ninth appearance on the Dutch imprint and remains a core artist of the label and of affiliate Movement Recordings. 2015 has seen Stergios become much more prolific in the studio, appearances on 238W Inc. and Aethereal have been exceptional and he looks to top those here with a brand new EP alongside remixes from Stage Van H and Nikko Mavridis.

For those that followed Stergios this year you likely noticed an increased musicality in his productions. Soulful motifs and groovy bass lines are a staple of the Greek producers repertoire and they’re on display once again with ‘City Groove’. Beginning with a tribalistic groove and incandescent tones, there’s an immediate positivity to the production. Tasteful pianos and sax-like synths intertwine for a lovely vibe, eventually leading the track into the main break. Here the piano theme gets expanded upon and with the drums locked in the tension rises, ultimately summoning the return of that perfectly contoured groove and sweeping vocal pads. It’s a blissful moment and one which sets up a gorgeous finale. Wonderful work from Stergios.

The lone interpretation of ‘City Groove’ is provided by Stage Van H who is returning to Just Movement for his 16th appearance. Generally paired with Rogier for the majority of his productions Stage is flying solo here which is a rare event. The silky smooth lines in the original seem like the ideal elements for Stage to put his own unique twist on the results are quite exceptional. Opting for a more stripped down approach Stage’s rework carries more of an atmospheric, laid back quality. It’s warm, pumping groove and delicate motifs make for a great first act before an emotional main break heightens the mind. Angelic pads, classy chord changes and haunting vox carry it nicely while the drifting themes continue to tantalize the senses, during a laid back yet euphoric third act. It’s smooth and effortless quality makes the 11 minute running time seem like a snapshot and ends up being one of Stage’s best ever remixes.

The companion piece ‘Sleeping Beauty’ finds Stergios crafting another deep, driving wonder. Beginning with warm bass swells and lively melodies it doesn’t take long to get fully entrenched in this one. Buzzing synths trail through the framework with an electric flair as momentum builds towards the main break. The rhythmic interlude begins to build tension as it’s galloping loops create the ultimate hypnotic vortex. A quick rush of beats and drums brings the groove back, letting that mountainous wall of sub-bass breathe for a magic moment. Gorgeous work from Stergios.

The lone interpretation of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ is provided by Nikko Mavridis who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The long standing Greek artist is perhaps best known for his Coda production alias along with his 20 plus years DJing in Greece’s finest venues. Nikko has shared the decks with 16 Bit Lolitas, Matthew Dekay, Jimmy Van M, Dave Seaman and many other top international talents. Now as 2015 is winding to a close we see Nikko with just the second solo production of his career. His years behind the decks have served him well as his ‘Sleeping Beauty’ interpretation comes with a real nose for the dance floor. Nikko has reinvented the wonderful energy from the original with his own unique twists. A reworked bass line provides the ultimate foundation for Nikko’s rhythmic elements to work their magic. The tracks lively cadence and subtle effects carry it with a smooth exhilarating rush into the main break. Although brief, Nikko builds sizable drama with spiralling synths ultimately bringing the beats back for a magic dance floor moment and a wicked conclusion. Great to see Nikko stepping out of his Coda alias for a solo excursion here and it’s closed the release off on high note. Another perfectly executed release from Just Movement. Don’t miss it.


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CU #essentialprogressive Mixed By Aidan McGlynn (December 15)

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