Stergios – Katharsis (Aethereal)

Stergios delivers ‘Katharsis’ for the debut release on Abstract Space’s new offshoot ‘Aethereal’.

Stergios - Katharsis [Athereal Records)

Andrey Mikhailov launched Abstract Recordings in December of 2013. The label grew immensely in 2014 and built up an artist roster of great talents including Rogier & Stage Van H, Simos Tagias, Robert R. Hardy and more. Looking to expand the Abstract Space family Andrey created the Aethereal imprint which looks to be a very worthy companion. The labels first release is a brand new single form Stergios entitled ‘Katharsis’ which features remixes from Feri, John Cosani and Rogier & Stage Van H.

Stergios has earned much praise for his deep and dreamy productions on Movement Recording and Just Movement. The Greek producer just released his excellent ‘Regeneration’ on the former and ‘Katharsis’ keeps that strong momentum going. Always one for funky bass lines Stergios has crafted another beauty here; well shaped, warm and full of wonderful groove. Delicate melodies slowly work their way into the mix along with a mallet-like theme and breathy vocals which emanate a lot of emotion. The running time is long at around 10 minutes but several motifs along with cool transitions keep it interesting throughout, definitely one of Stergios’ best melodic creations to date. The remixes all offer something which is both unique and complementary to the original. First up is Feri who many progressive house fans love for his minimal, melodic constructions on Stellar Fountain and Electronic Tree. Feri’s ‘Katharsis’ interpretation goes even deeper with a more ethereal, hazy take on the melodic elements which is both dreamy and wonderful. A great alternative to Stergios’ original. The second remix is provided by Argentinean producer John Cosani who came on strong in 2014 with releases on 3rd Avenue, Clinique Recordings and Sex on Wax. John’s ‘Katharsis interpretation offers a spacious and more hooky groove which makes it one of the strongest dance floor versions on the release. Rolling percs, panning effects and a growling underbelly give it great character and the break has a smooth and calculated build which really delivers. Amazing remix from John. The final remix comes from Rogier & Stage Van H who were an integral part of building Abstract Space last year. Their productions highlighted the labels catalog and they’ve turned in another beauty on ‘Katharsis’. The duos bouncy progressive grooves are always quite timeless and their rhythmic approach here comes with that fresh European flair. Smooth chord changes meld perfectly with the angelic vocals and the reprocessed keys at the heart of the record are the iciing on the cake. Superb remix from Rogier and Stage which caps off an outstanding debut release for Aetheral. Don’t miss it.

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