Stergios – Regeneration Remixes (Just Movement)

The latest release on Just Movement finds the label showcasing brand new interpretation’s of Stergios’ ‘Regeneration’.

Stergios - Regeneration Remixes

Originally released in November of 2014 ‘Regeneration’ remains one of the standout productions in the Greek producer’s discography. Just Movement now showcases brand new remixes from Alejandro Manso, CODA, SEQU3L and Stergios himself.

The first interpretation is provided by Alejandro Manso who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Mexican producer closed out 2014 on a strong note with excellent productions and continued that momentum this year with an EP for Suffused Music along with remixes for E Sound Records and Abstract Space Recordings. His deep progressive sound has worked wonderfully on ‘Regeneration’ and it results in one of his best ever remixes. Alejandro’s driving groove, sweeping textures and hypnotic lines make for a smooth ride and the stripped down middle section does wonders for building an exhilarating conclusion.

The second interpretation is provided by CODA who are also making their first appearance on Just Movement. The Greek duo have past appearances on Movement Recordings and have even remixed label boss Tash as well as Distant Fragment. For their ‘Regeneration’ interpretation CODA have reinvented the great parts from the original into a smooth and thrilling progressive gem. It’s deep chugging groove, swirling effects and subtle motifs are wonderfully hypnotic but it’s the heavenly break and stripped down re-entry that may be the highpoint. Brilliant remix from CODA which is sure to go down well on all the deep, melodic dance floors out there.

The third interpretation of ‘Regeneration’ is provided by SEQU3L who is making his first appearance on Just Movement. The Indian producer has continued to impress this year with a long line of inspiring productions. His broad and genre stretching sound has found its way on to Juicebox Music, Freegrant Music, Movement Recordings and Perfecto. A recent remix of Simon Firth’s ‘Stress Test’ (courtesy of Juicebox Music) showcased a deeper more enchanting side of SEQU3L’s studio arsenal and that’s exactly what we get here. The catchy hooks from the original are wonderfully presented over a deep and sultry foundation which carries incredible drive. The main break is the ultimate lesson in building anticipation with the stripped groove gradually rebuilding itself before the ethereal vocals summon the beats back for a wicked finish.

The final two interpretations are provided by Stergios who is making his fifth appearance on Just Movement. If the Greek producer’s original wasn`t amazing enough he’s come up with two more renditions here that provide great alternatives. The ‘Deep Dive’ mix maintains the smooth hypnotic themes but adds some wonderful musicality with gorgeous sax riffs and shimmering harmonies. While the ‘Space’ mix features more of a floaty vibe with the effects laden vocals adding a trippy haze to the top end. Can’t go wrong with either version and they both sit as wonderful alternatives to the original. A huge remix package from Just Movement which updates one of their catalogs best ever releases. Don’t miss it!

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