Stergios & Stage Van H – We Are (Just Movement)

The 18th release on Just Movement welcomes Stage Van H and Stergios back to the label for a special collaborative release.

Stergios & Stage Van H - We Are (Just Movement)

Both Stage and Stergios have been two of Just Movement’s primary artists. The music they’ve created for the Dutch imprint has shaped it’s soulful progressive sound and they’ve delivered some of their best work across the ‘We Are’ EP.

The release begins with the Stergios solo production ‘We Are’. The Greek producer’s dreamy sounds and irresistible grooves are a strong combination once again. Anchored by a warm, driving foundation and indistinct atmospheres, there’s a summery energy building inside the soul of this production. A storyboard of escalating chord changes brings the track into a short but powerful break, where broken beats build tension before the drums drop out and a gaseous sweep brings the groove in for an exhilarating conclusion. Top work from Stergios once again.

Meanwhile the Stage Van H interpretation offers a slightly dubbier approach with the rhythmic structure and groove retaining the great the energy of the original but with a more instinct approach to the melodic narrative. An elegant break begins with wispy atmosphere’s but quickly develops with Stage’s bubbly rhythms summoning the groove back for a driving third act which lifts the atmosphere further to the heavens.

The EPs second original finds Stergios and Stage collaborating on ‘A Better Place’. Here the duo craft a deeper and equally engaging production which rounds the release out quite nicely. Pulsating bass swells make for a lovely foundation while hypno-rhythms and dreamy motifs add to the glowing vibes. Trailing effects and a wall of white noise add a wonderful apex during the break which preludes a heavenly finish that is sure to satisfy both old and new progressive house fans. A fabulous way to end the EP and other gorgeous release from Just Movement. Don’t miss it.

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