Steve Mcgrath & Chris Sterio – Chasing Dopamine (Mistique Music)

UK producers Steve McGrath & Chris Sterio return to Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music this week for the labels 329th overall release. Steve has been busy running his new Lynx Records imprint which has been doing amazingly well and Chris has been a bit quiet of late following an amazing run of releases on Source of Gravity. The two have worked together before; most recently on the Soundscapes release which also came courtesy of Mistique. Their new collaboration is entitled ‘Chasing Dopamine’ which comes with remixes from: Loquai, East Cafe and Simon Firth.

The ‘Chasing Dopamine’ original begins with a deep, percussive groove with a lovely hypnotic quality. The introduction of a well shaped bass line adds some serious funk to the groove and as the atmospheric elements slowly build up around the piece some nice momentum forms. The main break presents a spectacular lead melodic line that is epic and anthemic but in a refined and classy way. The emotional keys soon dissipate in favour of the rolling groove once more for a wicked conclusion to the production. The first remix comes from East Cafe who is making his 15th appearance on Mistique Music here. Gabor Kaszas aka East Cafe has long been one of most underrated prog house producers around, his productions are always incredibly groovy with amazing musicality. His interpretation of ‘Chasing Dopamine’ is no different; reaching no.13 in our overall hype chart Gabor has crafted a killer groove that’s accented with gorgeous pianos and big floor friendly drums. One of the most storied Mistique producers is next ‘Loquai’ who is making his 65th overall appearance on the label here. Konstantin Alt aka Loquai has continued on an incredible production pace with his remix here already being his fourth release in 2013. Konstantin has gone deep on his ‘Chasing Dopamine’ remix with a bubbly groove that’s surrounded by lots of soft rhythmic tones, rainy day atmospheres and long melodic lines that really push the emotions nicely. The final remix comes from Simon Firth who has just come off a huge release (with Sven Hauck) on Crossfade Sounds last week. Here the UK producer delivers an incredibly funky remix of ‘Chasing Dopamine’ that comes with a hook heavy bass line and some continually escalating lines that keep the dance floor energy nice and high. Another wicked package from Mistique who continue on a great run to start off 2013. Release Promo Hype Chart #13

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