Suffused – Year 2008 Part 3 (Mistique Music)

Part 3 of Suffused’s massive ‘Year 2008’ is out this week on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music imprint. ‘Year 2008’ was one of the strongest releases on Mistique in 2011 and the track lives on in 2013 here with new interpretations from: Airwave feat. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic, Alfoa, Rich Curtis and Silinder.

The first remix on the package sees a massive collaboration from the legendary trance artist Airwave and Mistique bosses Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic. The mix begins in incredibly dramatic fashion with big effects laden drums which immediately create a huge sense of space. A solid groove soon begins to form with sweeping electronics and haunting pads filling the air around the tough bass line. The gorgeous atmosphere continues to build before a quick drop reveals sections of a gloriously epic lead synth. The breakdown is kept quite short and just serves to enhance some of the trippy electronics before the punishing beats quickly reappear. The second half of the record continues and builds on the incredible vibe as it showcases a panoramic stretch of melodic perfection. This is exactly what proper trance music should sound like.

The second remix comes from Alfoa who last appeared on Mistique about 8 months ago with his remix of Trukers & Jose Tabarez. The Russian producer seems equally adept at producing progressive house or melodic breaks and here he has gone the breaks route with spectacular results. Full of floor friendly shuffling beats, nice synth hooks and subtle melodies Alfoa’s mix is one of his best breaks productions to date and provides an excellent complement to the other mixes here.

Next up is Rich Curtis who closed out 2012 with one of his biggest releases to date in the form of “Lower Your Voice’ on the newly formed sister label of 99percent called RELEASE. The Oliver Lieb remix received festival play from Sasha and the Pig & Dan remix enjoyed an extended stay in the Beatport Techno chart.  Add to that an appearance on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat label earlier in the year and by all accounts Rich would have to be considered amongst the genres elite producers. Rich has turned is a moody interpretation of ‘Year 2008’ that comes with lots of glitchy electronics, brooding bass lines and some lovely deep overtones. Perfectly suited for an outdoor festival with its unique, romping vibe; a great start to 2013 for Rich.

The final remix on the package comes from Gav Mulhall aka Silinder who is returning to Mistique for his third overall appearance. Gav’s remix of Loquai’s  ‘High Voltage’ was the standout mix from the label’s 300th release in October of 2012 and his remix of ‘Year 2008’ is currently sitting at number two in our overall Hype Chart so you know the feedback has been outstanding. This is one of Gav’s biggest and fullest sounding productions to date; full of warm bass lines and spacious, widescreen sounding atmospheres the overall scope of it is really enormous. The smooth melodic lines and soft hooks sound absolute pristine over Gav’s always rock sold club framework, expect to be hearing this one a lot in the coming months! Huge package from Mistique and one of the biggest releases on the label to date! Release Promo Hype Chart #2

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