Tara Brooks Drops A Stunning Release On John Digweed’s Bedrock Records

PFG’s Neale Moore Shares His View

American artist Tara Brooks is back on Bedrock Records for her second release on the label.

As one door closes another one opens, so the mantra goes. This is a mantra Tara is well versed in as this EP testifies, she looks ready to embrace a new direction in her sound, guided by a positive flow towards a seemingly inevitable bright future.

The title track wastes no time in getting down to the essentials, and it’s fairly easy for this reviewers ears to hear why Tara’s tracks work so well for a label such as Bedrock.

Certainly ‘Wake Me’ has everything in it the imprint desires, certainly what it’s owner demands if it’s to be unleashed on a club that’s filled with expectant Digweed devotees. Weaving glistening melodies, hostile chords and beautifully haunting vocals that tempt the raver onto the dance floor, all layered over a deep dark groove that instantly screams for attention.

Brooks’s unique ability is displayed in full on ‘Artificial Reality’ too, though I’ll start by telling you now there is nothing artificial about the rolling breakbeat we’re greeted with. Combine this with an on-trend robotic vocal supplied by vocalist Switzerland, the track peaks to a crescendo of positivity… with words describing an uplifting, focussed and spiritual message to the listeners, ‘You are the centre of your universe’ it states, something Tara herself is keen to point out in today’s insane world.

The futures bright, the future is Tara Brooks who has also released on Kindisch, Desert Hearts Records and Underyourskin. This is a fantastic release that you can purchase from HERE

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