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Tchailyn – Fall Is Love (Kyubu Records)

The latest release on Kyubu Records welcomes Tchailyn to the label for a brand new EP.


The Montreal, Canada based producer is presenting his first ever release here and the forward thinking London based imprint seems like the ideal spot to do it. Entitled ‘Fall Is Love’ the EP features three very unique electronica cuts which look to set a benchmark moving forward for the up and coming producer.

Getting underway with the title cut it’s pretty clear Tchailyn has logged some serious studio time thus far in his young life. Tough beats and waves of tribal percussion set a big presence early before a band of rugged electronics deliver some killer hooks. For as rough and somewhat gnarly as the first act is there is a very engaging story which unfolds. As the piece strips down into the main break big drum fills up the anticipation nicely. What follows though is a radiate display of synth work which is dead gorgeous. Warm, glowing textures and luminous vocal pads are the highlights here before a calculated build reeks havoc on your senses. Just a massive tune from Tchailyn.

The second selection ‘Dream Park’ slows the tempo down a touch and with equally creative design shines just as brightly as ‘Fall Is Love’. After a vigorous first act of charged rhythms the track breaks down to reveal a softer and more introspective interlude. The processed piano storyboard continues to flow throughout the break and as the rhythmic tension rises the beats come crashing down for what should be a great moment on the dance floor.

The third and final selection ‘Verblassen’ is another sonically impressive creation. Clanky drums, hypnotic vocals and a menacing kick lay down a great foundation before a more distinct melodic motif begins to take shape. Vibrant keys begin the narrative as wispy vocals work their way into the framework. Ever evolving this leads the track in to the break where the vocals continue to lead the unpredictable journey. As the third act begins the return of the kick brings some phasing noise and a blissful ride ensues for a pleasing conclusion to the EP. Unexpected (and also pleasant) surprises like this EP are a rarity, this is a fabulous debut from Tchailyn who you’ll certainly be hearing a lot more about in the future. Great signing by Kyubu records. Highly Recommended.

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