Tech D – Helios (Balkan Connection)

The latest release on Balkan Connection welcomes Tech D to the label for his first EP entitled ‘Helios’.

Tech D - Helios

Ukrainian producer Igor Yevtushenko aka Tech D first appeared with a release on Denis A’s DAR Digital in 2011. Over the course of the next four years he went on to appear on the label three additional times and also released on Manual Music, Magic Room and Stereo Paradise. 2015 has already featured some of Tech D’s most inspired work to date with a remix of Michael A’s ‘Slow’ courtesy of Soundteller Records being the most notable. Tech D’s debut release for Balkan Connection is entitled ‘Helios’ and it comes with two original productions alongside remixes from Monojoke and Following Light.

Tech D’s tough and detailed production sound has long been his hallmark and that pristine level of excellence is on display here once again with ‘Helios’. The modern blend of techno with progressive minded sensibilities is quite strong through the production and there are some nice emotional moments along the way. The tracks big, cavernous bass line immediately grabs you but it’s the subtle motifs running through the piece that are the most captivating. A series of bell-like tones carries a wonderful cadence while a blissful sequence of chord changes presses all the right emotional buttons. Beautiful work from Tech D.

Both remixes on the project deliver something quite different and complement the original really well. First up Monojoke adds a lot more meat to the track with massive waves of bass and raspy synths. This carves out a truly menacing groove and then comes a barrage of sonic designs which pushes the track into peak time territory. The main break keeps the intensity up and what follows is an epic finish that only Monojoke could create. With great support already in from John OO Fleming you know it’s not to be missed! Amazing remix from one of Poland’s top electronic music producers.

Following Light goes a bit deeper and with equally brilliant results. There’s a lot of swing to his groove and the esoteric electronics add mystery and intrigue throughout. The clanky percussion just adds to the sensory delights and also keep the groove locked during the break before a trippy vocal gate brings the groove back for a nice finish. Excellent remix from Following Light.

The release concludes with a second original entitled ‘Corpuscular’ which finds Tech D crafting another amazing progressive techno hybrid. Stylistically it’s well in line with ‘Helios’ with an added atmospheric presence. If you’re looking for a deep and dreamy wonder that’s still powerful on the dance floor you’d be hard pressed to find something more enchanting than this. Excellent music from Tech D and an all round solid release from Balkan Connection. Highly Recommended.

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