Teig – The World Trembles (Aurium Recordings)

Baroque’s more melodic progressive house offshoot Aurium Recordings returns this week for its 50th release. A long time staple of the progressive house community Aurium welcomes Derek Roberts aka Teig to the label for his first release. The US producer first came to our attention with his releases on Greece’s Deepsessions Recordings over the course of 2013. Based in Chicago Teig has been a long time fixture of the US progressive scene and it reflects in his timeless production sound. Teig’s debut EP for Aurium is entitled ‘The World Trembles’ and it comes with two brand new original productions.

The title cut here is quite exceptional and one that both old and new progressive house fans should be well into. A rough and irresistibly groovy bass line long with some delicate hypnotic rhythms get things underway early on. As the piece builds the subtle melodic themes slowly come to light with some smooth chord changes and well carved lead lines. The building energy throughout the track is quite incredible and it peaks with a huge build around the seven minute mark. It’s a journey that runs at around eleven minutes which you might think is way to long but the variety of ideas and clever transitions really doesn’t make it sound drawn out. An epic production from Derek and one that’s been performing quite well in our Hype Chart over the last week. The companion piece ‘Digest Myself’ is a darker, slow burning epic that proves to be the ideal complement for ‘The World Trembles’. The punchy kick and well processed electronics create a pretty sinister vibe early but slowly some subtle beauty weaves its way into the track. The delicate pads which waver gently above are the ultimate contrast to the starker foundation and the haunting vocal elements that come to light during the main break enhance the cool atmosphere that much further. It’s wicked track and very reminiscent of something Digweed would have played many years ago. Top notch EP from Teig and a great release for Aurium Recordings.

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