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Terje Saether – Cruise From Here / The Last Days feat. Malin Pettersen (Majestic Family Records)

The latest release on Majestic Family Records welcomes Terje Saether to the label for his debut EP.

Terje Saether - Cruise From Here

The Norwegian producer who got his career started with releases on Darkroom Dubs, Frisky Records and Hope Recordings has had an amazing 2015. Recent outings on 238W Inc., Connaisseur Recordings and Sound Avenue have been sensational and his two newest creations for Majestic Family more than keep that great momentum going.


The EP begins with ‘The Last Days’ which features the vocals of Malin Pettersen who also appeared on Terje’s underground hit ‘Too Late’. Following an ominous beginning of dark undertones and spoken word vocal samples we hear Malin’s ethereal wails slowly drift into the framework. As with all of Terje’s productions the rhythmic swing is absolute perfection, just ideal for a broad range of floors and it’s that sensibility which carries it effortlessly to the main break. Here Malin’s vocals, although still wispy and mysterious garner a bit more attention but the focus here is really on the otherworldly atmosphere which all the elements combine to create so wonderfully. The third act presents some added funk with a band of bass stabs delivering even more groove and acidic designs further tantalizing the senses. Wonderful work from Terje and Malin.

The companion piece ‘Cruise From Here’ finds Terje crafting an equally groovy production that again features that wonderful rhythmic drive he’s so loved for. Amidst those dynamic beats and tonal themes there’s a cross cultural wail which is absolutely amazing. So simple but the tension and vibe it creates throughout the record’s first act is amazing. Eventually it drops out and the groove begins to build momentum with acidic designs and indistinct vocals adding to it nicely. Following a well crafted break, large synth swells add some gorgeous colour while the processed vocals continue to delight the senses. The 10 minute running time is daunting but it’s every bit necessary for the great sound story Terje has crafted here. Great EP with two top notch tracks from one of the most underrated producers around. Highly Recommended.

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