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Till Krüger – Urban Balance (Quite Needless)

The debut release of Till Krüger’s new label Quite Needless sees the man himself offer up a brilliant four-track EP of deep, rich, musical sounds.

I’ve been following Till Krüger’s output for the last five years, ever since hearing his jaw-droppingly lush ‘Deciduous’ through Scotty.A, and this new EP is one of his finest releases so far. The title track establishes the mood of the EP perfectly, with laid-back melodies and warm but somber bass tones providing the backdrop for more urgent synths and crisp hi-hats as the track progresses, while the second half sees Till Krüger introducing further harmonic themes to good effect. ‘Sea Minor’ has been a real favourite of mine for a few years now, ever since an early version did the rounds and made its way onto one of my mixes. It remains a stunning and moving piece of music, from its beautiful, intricate, and evolving lead hook to its wonderful, soaring string arrangements and delicate touches of piano. Mesmerising and gorgeous from start to finish, this is easily one of the finest records Till Krüger has made, and one of the best and most emotional examples of house music of the year so far. ‘Useless Believer’ starts out as a dubby slice of deep house, with persistent stabs and a slinky bassline, but gently descending pads, a lovely bleepy hook, and a blissfully Balearic lead melody soon combine to turn the track into something more lovely and more memorable. Finally, the fittingly titled ‘Slow Ahead’ sees Till Krüger letting a low-slung bassline do its thing underneath hazy chords and loops. It’s the second half that really makes the track,though, with gently rippling melodies creating something immensely pretty and charming.

All in all, this is a superb EP from Till Krüger and an excellent first release for Quite Needless, and in particular I hope that it’s release will bring the attention to the glorious ‘Sea Minor’ that it so much deserves.


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