Tim Penner feat. Amber Long – Everything To Everyone (Afterglow Deep)

Tim Penner makes his much anticipated debut on Afterglow Deep this week with ‘Everything To Everyone’.

Tim Penner

2014 proved to the best year on record for the Canadian artist both as a producer and DJ. June saw Tim’s ‘Exit Me’ released on the Beatport #1 compilation Sudbeats Volume 2 and he closed the year out sharing the decks with Hernan Cattaneo. Tim productions have that unique combination of being incredibly stimulating to listen to while also being great for a dance floor, and all indications are that he’s just getting started. ‘Everything To Everyone’ features the vocals of fellow Canadian Amber Long and includes remixes from Gai Barone and Kosmas Epsilon.

Tim’s first release of 2015 was the achingly gorgeous ‘Believe’ which had the honor of leading off Max Graham’s new Cycles 6 compilation. It’s poignant pianos and harmonious grooves went down as some Tim’s most emotional work and it set the stage perfectly for the remainder of the collection. ‘Everything To Everyone’ finds Tim crafting one of the most unique productions of his career. It’s one of those tracks that’s almost instantly memorable, even after just one listen. It’s slow burning, cavernous groove gives it an immense presence throughout and the bleepy lead theme is one of the stars of the show. I’ve written a few times about how talented I think Amber Long is and her vocals here just reaffirm that. I’m not sure there are many people that could have pulled this off. Given the esoteric nature of the track it really called for something equally engaging and Amber’s haunting vocals definitely deliver here. There are a variety of emotions wrapped up in this one which makes for one of the year’s most intriguing tracks thus far.

The first interpretation of ‘Everything To Everyone’ is provided by Gai Barone who is making his 23rd appearance on Afterglow. The Italian producer has carved out an incredibly unique sound over the last five or so years. It’s one that earns him immense praise both from the Progressive and Trance communities. A long time favourite of Max Graham Gai’s melodic sound is one of the purest out there and he’s delivered an amazing remix of ‘Everything To Everyone’. If you’re a fan of Gai’s more progressive oriented pieces like his Lank ‘Run On Fumes’ remix then you are bound to love this. The compelling theme from the original has been reinvented throughout the first act which sets up a breathtaking main break. Amber’s vocals are absolutely heart wrenching amidst Gai’s melancholic backdrop and the reappearance of the beats summons a storyboard of blissful moments that are absolutely incredible. Gai has outdone himself once again here and a wealth of goose bump moments await.

The second and final remix of ‘Everything To Everyone’ comes from Kosmas Epsilon who has been one of the most storied progressive house producers over the last ten years. The Greek artist practically revolutionized the melodic sound (along with Luke Chable and James Holden) back in 2004 with his early productions on Deep, Precinct and EQ Grey. The Kosmas sound has went through an amazing metamorphosis over the years he’s provided an incredible interpretation of ‘Everything To Everyone’. The Greek’s chunky grooves are immediately identifiable and well suited to a broad range of house oriented floors. Amber’s vocals have been processed to the max here and are completely unrecognizable. The reinvention conveys a much spookier more mysterious vibe and the elusive chord changes are the icing on the cake. Brilliant remix from Kosmas and an amazing release from Afterglow Deep. Don’t miss it.

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