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Tim Penner – Get Me High (Konstrukt)

DNYO and Tim Penner’s Konstrukt imprint is one of the most cutting edge new labels to emerge in some time. The labels first two releases from DNYO and Andre Sobota both proved to be some of the artists finest work and Andre’s release enjoyed an extended stay in the Beatport charts which is pretty much unheard of for a labels second overall release. This week the label presents its third and certainly biggest package to date. Co-label boss Tim Penner provides his first original on the label entitled ‘Get Me High’ which comes with a jaw dropping selection of remixes from: David Granha, DNYO, Nick Stoynoff and Sonic Union.

Tim is certainly one of the more unique producers out there at the moment and ‘Get Me High’ will only furthers those sentiments. Tim’s tough, punchy and dynamic sounding framework sets a deadly tone early as the electronics slowly rise up around the piece. Cool rhythmic tones lead to a short break where the vocal is introduced; uniquely processed and incredibly catchy all at once the vocal adds even more swing to the awesome groove. The amazing thing here is how big of a presence the record has even with a relatively stripped down the framework. The overall vibe of the record is what really stands out for us though; it’s eerie and sinister sounding to a degree but not so much so that’s ‘dark’, it’s just damn cool.

If you’re a fan of progressive house or melodic techno and you look at the remixers on the package you can probably jump to conclusions about how each interpretation sounds but nothing could be further from those expectations here. Everyone on this package has turned in what is likely their most adventurous and inspiring work to date. From David Granha’s funky acid fueled tech house excursion to DNYO’s absolutely demented and yet still totally groovy ‘Bassology’ interpretation there is a wide array of exciting music here.

If you’ve been following Nick Stoynoff recently then you’re probably well aware that he’s really over hauled his sound. Something great is happening with the Chicago based producer. A more organic electronica vibe that is rich in melody and character is what’s currently coming out of Nick’s studio. His ‘Get Me High’ interpretation is full of unique beats and hauntingly beautiful harmonics all while still keeping a distinctly ominous vibe which the original carries quite well. The originality of the sounds and over all uniqueness of the production really stands out here which makes it quite clear that Nick has been working very hard in the studio of late.

It’s rare that we see Erik Pettersson aka Sonic Union without his studio partner Bastards of Funk but this is one of those rare occasions as he’s tackled this ‘Get Me High’ interpretation on his own. This would have to be Sonic Union’s most trippy and grungiest sounding production to date. Erik’s taken the eerie themes from the original and put a slightly more dance floor friendly spin on things. Backed with a rolling progressive foundation that’s complemented with a wealth of fresh electronics this is one groove that’s going to go down great on the darker dance floors out there. The energy stays at a nice sustained peak throughout as there is no huge drop but rather just a brief interlude. The short tension filled break is fueled with squelchy synths and a rising atmospheric back drop which crescendo’s tastefully as the dynamic groove returns once more for an electric finish. One of Erik’s best and probably our favourite production of his yet.

You’d be hard pressed to complain about anything on this package, if you’re a fan of fresh and unique electronic music that’s still great for the dance floor then there’s no reason not to by this release. Highly Recommended. Release Promo Hype Chart #3

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