Timewave – Cosmos (Mistique Music)

Mistique Music welcomes long time label artist Timewave back for a brand new single entitled ‘Cosmos’.


It’s been just over five years since Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic introduced the Finnish producer to the world and his progressive trance sound has been enchanting electronic music fans ever since. Timewave has recorded two full length albums and over 20 remixes in that time and he remains one of the labels primary artists today. His latest entitled ‘Cosmos’ features remixes from Matter and Atrium Sun.

Timewave has always had a way with tight, punchy beats and crunchy electronic designs but what sets him apart is the all the big synth elements that make up the atmosphere. It’s what takes the processed edge off to an extent and it’s made him a favourite of John OO Fleming as well. ‘Cosmos’ certainly has those trademark dynamic beats and they definitely deliver an electric almost psychedelic energy. But it’s the angelic vocal pads and blissful motifs which really shine and make for another excellent prog-trance crossover tune. Great stuff from Timewave.

The first interpretation of ‘Cosmos’ is provided by Matter who is making his first appearance on Mistique Music. The Aussie producer is fresh off a killer remix of Robert R. Hardy’s ‘Joys Of Souls’ for Clinique last week and he continues to be one of the most hyped names in the underground. He doesn’t over produce and his rugged, hypnotic grooves are in demand as a result. For his ‘Cosmos’ interpretation Matter has taken all those electric sounding synths and remoulded them into another one of his mesmerizing masterpieces. A big, rolling groove lays down a wicked foundation while all those razor sharp synths begin to tear apart the atmosphere. Spacey electronics add a cool, contemporary vibe and the melodic elements only get showcased during the main break which keeps the heads down vibe intact. Wonderful remix from Matter.

The second and final interpretation of ‘Cosmos’ is provided by Atrium Sun who is making his twelfth appearance on Mistique Music. The Russian producer is one of Mistique’s original artists having made his debut on the labels 18th release. Mistique has racked up over 500 new releases since with Atrium Sun last appearing in August of 2014. Given that there’s a bigger trance mix along with a proggier mix have Atrium Sun close the release out with a gorgeous breaks interpretation is a great idea. The Russian’s bouncy beats and shuffling rhythms mix well with the crunchy dynamics of Timewave and its laid back vibe is such a pleasure to listen to. The break is huge and after a long soundscape storyboard the vocal pads drop in for what should be a great moment. Wonderful remix from Atrium Sun and very well rounded release from Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music. Don’t miss it.

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