Tomin Tomovic – Emerencia (Mistique Music)

The 410th release on Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic’s Mistique Music see the debut of one of Slovakia’s most promising up and coming producers. Tomin Tomovic first came to our attention with an appearance on Stripped Digital’s ‘Swimming In a Digital Sea compilation which was released just over a year ago. Tomin has since added to his discography with appearances on iFROMINAL. His first single for Mistique entitled ‘Emerencia’ and it comes with remixes from Ewan Rill and Loquai.

Tomin’s broad production style blends progressive, tech house and more minimal sounds really well and ‘Emerencia’ is good example of that. The funky groove has a wicked shuffle to it with a full complement of drums, blissful strings and cool vocal elements. It’s got a great dance floor sensibility about it, much more than a typical progressive house cut. The musical themes get expanded upon after a nice break which closes the record out with a soulful vibe. The first remix is provided by Ewan Rill who is making his 7th appearance on Mistique. Ewan’s ‘Emerencia’ rework is one of his funkiest productions of the year without a doubt. The spacious, bongo heavy groove at the outset comes across incredibly housy until the atmospheric and melodic parts begin to enter the mix. The main themes from Tomin’s original are well maintained here and the supreme funkiness of Ewan’s groove makes for a huge dance floor record. The final interpretation on the release comes from Loquai who many know as one of the tried and true veterans of the Mistique roster. This is Loquai’s 79th appearance on Mistique, yes you read that correctly; seventy-nine! That’s really unbelievable and what’s even more incredible is Loquai is a very consistent producer even with such a high rate of production. His ‘Emerencia’ interpretation is our favourite remix on the package. It’s the smoothness of it that we really like; it’s a very lazy effortless groove that Loquai has laid down for this one and with those great harmonies from the original it’s just a real pleasure to listen to. An all round great release from Mistique and a great debut for Tomin on the label.

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