Torsten Kanzler drops new EP on Filth on Acid

The heartbeat of German techno

Torsten Kanzler stands for impulsive and powerful techno style, with his spontaneous set combining up to four decks spinning make his sets a true happening. 

There’s been a lot going on since we last spoke and your album was released on BUSH records. Could you please sum up in a few sentences what kept you busy?

I worked very hard and released great remixes on the album, artists like Alberto Ruiz, 2Pole, WEX 10, Steve Mulder and many more contributed their work. In April, the last remixes by YellowHeads, Squadrum, and Harry Doe will be released on TKR Black. I myself released several remixes and tracks on Hydrozoa and Tronic, and also a podcast on Octopus.

There’s a new release out now on Filth on Acid for the very first time. How did this collaboration come about and what is the core sound of this release?

I’ve been a big fan of Reinier Zonneveld and his label right from the beginning. When I received his and the management’s positive answer it really knocked my socks off. The release has multiple facets.

Can you tell us something about the different tracks and how they were produced?

“Acid Head” is the most rigorous track in my opinion, and also pretty simple and functional. As the name already suggests, there will be loads of Acid to be expected: hard bassdrums, percussions, acid arpeggio, and some crispy hats and cymbals. With “Rave Train” I am especially proud of the breaks, the audience freaks out every time I play it. “UP” is a straightforward Techno track in which I combined nine different synths. The fourth track on the album called “Space Train” represents all the emotions of last summer: summer, sun, open airs. I really wish for a summer like that in 2019.

What are your preferred studio tools at the moment?

I love the Pro2 and MPC live as a sampler. And after neglecting it for a while I picked up my Maschine by Native Instruments again.

After such a long time being part of the Techno scene, playing at popular festivals and clubs, what is it that still fascinates you about Techno?

There are lots of things, which inspire me again and again. There’s the challenge of expressing my emotions and feelings for Techno during my sets, bringing in as much energy as possible. I also love the peaceful and at the same time wild community all over the world. That’s what makes Techno and the whole scene so special to me.

What are your plans for 2019?

I am working hard on new releases. My next release will be on my own label TKR at the end of March. And of course I look forward to lots of great, amazing and peaceful events.


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