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TR20 – MINI (Pro-B-Tech Records)

Pro-B-Tech Records kicks of 2015 with a fabulous six track offering from the Kyubu Records boys TR20.


Pro-B-Tech Records follows two sensational releases from Tilt and The Underground All-Stars with a brand new mini LP from TR20. The much loved production duo grew immensely over the course of 2014. Remixes for Tilt and Shiloh along with releases on Axon and their own Kyubu Records were some of many highlights and their new ‘Mini’ EP / LP looks to be even better and gets the new year off to a great start.

The collection gets underway with the oddly, yet appropriately titled ‘Buffalo Disco’. The track which begins with a funky, clanky sounding groove mutates into a left of centre melodic beauty. Aside from the strong musical themes the overall design is pretty deadly. TR20 always seem to have a knack for crafting uniquely sculpted hooks and that’s certainly evident here. From its bubbly textures to romping groove and fresh vocal hooks there is a lot to like and it certainly sets a great tone to kick off the release.

The second selection ‘Flow Motion’ gets underway with a menacing assortment of beats and rugged techno rhythms. Surging slabs of bass make up a powerful bottom end while a quirky sequence of warped electronics provides some amazing sensory stimulation. As the track develops the modulation gets progressively more tweaked and the funky nature of the piece seemingly grows right along with the sensational groove. The end result is a powerful track and one that should fare well on the more adventurous dance floors out there.

Track 3 ‘Jamonic’ continues with the warped techno sensibilities which were showcased so well on ‘Flow Motion’. The vocal elements are what really grab me here; reprocessed, mulched and devilishly hypnotic for maximum sonic effect. They add a new dimension to the funky design which is already quite irresistible on its own.

This leads nicely into ”Ooph’ which is one of my favourites here and has already earned its fair share of support. It’s deliberate groove and spacey design is highlighted by long harmonic shifts and elephant like growls. It’s one of the more emotional pieces here and at ten minutes in length there’s a nice story as well. Sections of piercing beauty are offset with noodley hooks and metallic spirals which are monumentally stimulating. This one should carry an amazing presence on the dance floor and has already caught the attention of King Unique and Him_Her_Self.

The collection closes with ‘Shambles’ and ‘Some Truth’ both of which hold some very captivating moments. The former is laced with great beat patterns, killer vocal elements and again lots of expertly edited electronics. In terms of sheer dance floor appeal I’m more drawn to ‘Some Truth’, it’s dubby, techno qualities and late night, slow burning vibes sound quite fabulous and round out the release on a very strong note.

The unpredictability of all the tracks here is what’s really so incredible. For a club goer or just a home listener it makes for a really interesting experience. There are constant shifts, fills, drops and transitions with new ideas and themes seemingly coming out of nowhere yet miraculously all sounding like a fluid story; which is monumentally difficult to do. An excellent collection of music from two of the most innovative producers around. If you consider yourself a fan of intelligent techno or are a tried and true genre fan looking for something new and exciting there’s no reason not to check this out, you won’t be disappointed.

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