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Trinity & Beyond – Blinded by 1,000 Points of Light (Cinematique)

Trinity & Beyond have been an integral part of the Cinematique imprint in recent years. The Aussie due has appeared on the label a total of five times with four of those coming in the last calendar year. Trinity is one of Australia’s most respected female artists, her performances as both a DJ and live act are incredible while John Tzineris aka Beyond brings his classical music composition studies to the duo for what results in an unbeatable production combination. Their past releases on Cinematique consist of an EP, single and remix; the latter of which was just released last month. This week sees Trinity & Beyond presenting their much anticipated debut album for Cinematique entitled ‘Blinded by 1,000 Points of Light’.

The floaty ambiance of the two opening cuts ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Rotating Matter’ put you in the perfect mood for what the heart of the album has to offer. ‘Rotating Matter’ in particular is very thought provoking, even at a running time of under two minutes it’s drifting, soundtracky nature is filled with anticipatory vibes. The quirky, shuffling groove of ‘Broken Landscapes’ is the albums first club oriented track and it’s driving energy nicely sets up the title track which is one of the collections most gorgeous pieces. The intricate electronics and soft bass swells of ‘Blinded by 1,000 Points of Light’ are incredibly captivating. Their presence early in the track sets a very serene vibe as the momentum begins to build. The riding cymbals are a wonderful addition and add a smooth flowing tension which carries a lot of anticipation. The most inviting aspect of the track though is it’s the soft, rushy energy. It’s one of those things that can’t be forced and on ‘Blinded by 1,000 Points of Light’ Trinity & Beyond have nailed it perfectly. Should work wonders when properly programmed into a set.

Other standouts include ‘Better Days’ which serves up some wobbly hypnotics and driving techy rhythms. The albums smooth, gradual build is really evident on this piece. As the layers of drums and wispy atmospheric textures slowly engulf the framework you can feel the collective energy of the previous compositions mounting along with this one. It nicely sets up the albums second last and most ferocious sounding track ‘Song Of The Shattered’. With its raspy hooks locking into the pulsating rhythms it’s energy is undeniable. It’s got some of the roughest sound design on the album as well but it’s offset nicely with some top end tones that have a lovely incandescent quality about them. The album concludes with the laid back techno construction ‘The 11th Hour’ which might be the collections most touching piece. The soft tones which make up the first half of the track are almost painfully beautiful and once the beats drop it’s one of the best moments on the album. This is a stunning collection of music from Trinity & Beyond and it’s one you’ll want to listen to many times over. Glad to see it on Cinematique as well, seems like the perfect home for such a refined and contemporary sounding LP. Highly Recommended.

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