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Trinity & Beyond – Blinded By 1000 Points of Light – The Remixes Part 1 (Cinematique)

Producers Estroe and Teho return to Cinematique this week for the first edition of remixes for Trinity & Beyond’s ‘Blinded By 1000 Points of Light’ LP.

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One of the standout releases on Cinematique this year was undoubtedly the debut album of Trinity & Beyond. Released in March ‘Blinded By 1000 Points of Light’ showcased a contemporary blend of electronic music that was still satisfying after multiple listens. I found when going back to it I would continually discover new intricacies and subtleties throughout the tracks. There was a wealth of remix potential for the album and Cinematique obviously thought so as well as they now present two brand new interpretations from Estroe and Teho.

’11th Hour’ was the closing piece from ‘Blinded By 1000 Points of Light’ and it was also one of its most heartfelt as well. Here Dutch producer Estroe returns to Cinematique for her second appearance and provides her own unique take on the track. Built around a tightly constructed broken beat framework Estroe’s sound design really shines here. Sweeping electronic gates and a bed of effervescent aquatics peak your interest as the composition develops. It’s the tracks second and third acts though which are incredibly strong for me. It’s where the poignant vibes from the original get showcased so eloquently. The warmth and radiance which emanates from the atmosphere here is absolutely beautiful and the contrasting metallic’s below only make it all the more palpable. Stunning work from Estroe.

‘Rotating Matter’ was the LPs second track and even though it’s running time was under two minutes it’s drifting, anticipatory vibes were quite thought provoking. It proved to be not only a standout piece on the album but was essential in setting up the more dance floor oriented material to come. The new interpretation is provided by Teho who is returning to Cinematique for his third appearance. By all accounts the French producer has had a tremendous year which was highlighted by two collaborative projects for Stephan Bodzin’s Herzblut Recordings. Teho’s ‘Rotating Matter’ interpretation has marvellously recreated the floaty textural bliss from the original over a meticulously produced techno framework. The compositions first act is a euphoric build which culminates with the introduction of a growling, character drenched bass line. This ultimately leads to an exhilarating conclusion which features escalating harmonics and a blissful sequence of chord changes. The overall end result is one of the most gorgeous tracks to come on Cinematique all year.

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