Turbo’s Dimitri Veimar Unleases ‘Krondsh’

Russian born producer Dimitri Veimar has been known for his sinister and often sleazy-edged style electronica.

His dark, raw-dog electro is refreshing which has seen heavy support from Danny Daze, Bicep and recently Daniel Avery who talked about his love affair with Dimitri’s productions in a recent interview. After a remix for Phil Kiernan, the has since released two EP’s on Turbo, and June 22nd marks his 3rd with ‘Blaze’.

The track ‘Krondsh’ has been leaked out today for an exclusive first listen on Turbo’s Soundcloud.

Three sensational originals to sink your teeth into on this one, with a mysterious remix from European producer Florian Kupfer.

  1. Dimitri Veimar – Blaze
  2. Dimitri Veimar – Krondish
  3. Dimitri Veimar – 007
  4. Dimitri Veimar – Blaz (Florian Kupfer Saturn Return Remix)

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