Underground Ticket – Jumbled Love (238W Inc.)

The latest release on 238W Inc. welcomes Underground Ticket back to the label for his debut single.

Underground Ticket - Jumbled Love

Hungarian producer Daniel Dezső aka Underground Ticket made his first appearance on the fast rising US imprint in August of this year. His contribution to the labels ‘Contemporary Elements Ibiza’, a deep and enchanting number ‘Saving Grace’ was a stand out on the collection. Now for 238W Inc’s 49th release we see Underground Ticket returning with ‘Jumbled Love’ alongside remixes from Rikki Sawyer and Subconscious Tales. 

I’ve followed Daniel’s productions since he appeared on Stellar Fountain and Perfect Session in early 2014. His ‘Souldance’ EP for Stellar Fountain Deep and a remix of Sebastian Schetter’s ‘Lost In Carolina’ (Perfect Session) particularly stood out and he’s delivered something excellent again with ‘Jumbled Love’. The drifting atmospheres and hazy textures Underground Ticket has become so loved for are prevalent here once again, all backed by a tough-minded groove making it great for the dance floor. The vocal elements, although scarce are essential, from the gated stabs to ethereal wails, they set up a wonderful piano led break, which sits as the tracks grandiose moment and makes for a wonderful finale. Beautiful work from Underground Ticket.

The first interpretation of ‘Jumbled Love’ is provided by Rikki Sawyer who is making his first appearance on 238W Inc. The UK producer has some of the tightest production around, his recent ‘Numb (On The Inside)’ courtesy of Balkan Connection, was a design display of the highest order. From its crystalline effects to pristine vocal work, the track exemplified professional sounding production in every way. Given the strong vocal elements in the original he seems like an ideal choice as a remixer and the results certainly illustrate that. Rikki has reworked the groove into liquid-like mounds of perfectly contoured bass which bring some killer hooks. The vibe stays surprising deep, I thought given some of Rikki’s previous tracks he might try and rip this one up but it’s a serene listen from start to finish. The piano led break comes off even more emotional than the original with just the right atmospheric complements to pull it off, and once that groove drops it’s game over. This is quality stuff, great remix from Rikki. 

The second and final interpretation of ‘Jumbled Love’ is provided by Subconscious Tales who is also making his first appearance on 238W Inc. Latvian producer Ivars Tilix aka Subconscious Tales debuted this new alias on Suffused Music in July of 2014. It saw a stylistic shift from the brighter melodic sounds of his Tee-Ex alias to a deep, dubby and more techno inspired approach. Over the last year his sound has continued to evolve and stand out productions for Balkan Connection and OLD SQL Recordings turned even more progressive minded fans onto his work. His interpretation of ‘Jumbled Love’ is bound to attract even more and it’s closed the release out wonderfully. With a deeper, more organic feeling and spaced out take, I have to say Subconscious Tales has done an amazing job here. It’s groovy as hell, with a clattering complement of percussion and wispy vocals which add momentum and depth respectively. Hypnotic bells work well with his mountainous rendition of the groove and an angelic top end carries it nicely into the break. The vocals play a major role here, perhaps recalling some old school Renaissance releases in the process. Either way it’s a brilliant remix and a strong finish to another great release on 238W Inc. Watch this label in 2016, they’re already one of the best out there but the best is yet to come. Highly Recommended.

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