Uvo – Until The End (Sound Avenue)

The 56th release on Sound Avenue welcomes Uvo to the label for his debut EP.

Uvo - Until The End

The Mexican producer and Intemporal label boss has been back to his solo production ways of late and his sound has been flourishing as a result. Uvo’s debut on the long standing Belgian imprint has been much anticipated and he’s delivered in a big way with three brand new original productions alongside remixes from Navid Mehr and Kasall & Cristian R. 

The release begins with the title track ‘Until The End’ which finds Uvo exploring the melodious techno side of his studio repertoire. Getting underway with a sparse and spaced out groove the piece quickly develops with tonal thematics and a barrage of offset percussion elements. Bleepy electronics peak your interest before a lead melody begins to take shape. Indistinct at its outset, a wave of modulation carries it through a rollercoaster of emotions into a third act of kaleidoscopic designs and subby basslines. A masterpiece from Uvo and perhaps his finest work to date.

The first interpretation of ‘Until The End’ is provided by Navid Mehr who is making his first appearance on Sound Avenue. The Canadian producer has been thriving since going solo in 2013 and has found a home on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music and Proton Radio’s flagship imprint Proton Music. His contemporary approach to progressive house is fresh and continues to take unexpected twists on each and every production. For his ‘Until The End’ interpretation Navid has brought a fresh approach and crafted a modern day progressive bomb. Anchored by a melodious groove, the Canadian adds clever vocal stabs and a shifting, hypnotic sensibility destined for dance floor success. A full melodic theme becomes realized during the main break, ultimately setting up an exhilarating return of bassy swells and harmonic refrains. Wonderful remix from Navid.

The EP’s second selection ‘Long To Soon’ finds Uvo digging deep into his studio bag for a funk fuelled, techno romp. Devilish overtones cast an ominous vibe at the outset while stomping beats bring electricity to the air. Clattering drums, tripped out vocal elements and a burning groove build momentum while a wave of melancholic lines lift the emotion higher with each passing loop. A main break of feathered electronics and nefarious tones builds dramatic tension before a rush of beats brings you back into the vortex. Monster tune from Uvo.

The lone interpretation of ‘Long To Soon’ is provided by Kasall & Cristian R who are returning to Sound Avenue for their second appearance. The Argentinean duo has been one of the most hotly tipped production teams this year with a long line of impressive releases, headed by an EP for Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music. Their Sound Avenue EP was met with great praise in February of this year and they’ve followed that up in style with an excellent interpretation of ‘Long To Short’. The Argentinean duo have taken the dark motifs from Uvo’s original and reshaped them in a club friendly framework with wonderful results. Backed by a chugging groove the track builds to colossal proportions with layered beats, sweeping motifs and hook heavy rhythms. A tonal lead combined with spiralling vocal gates sucks you deep into a polychromatic hole before the main break pulverises your senses for an explosive finale. Huge remix from Kasall & Cristian R.

The EP concludes with a third original from Uvo entitled ‘Elixir’, which finds the Mexican producer with one of his more adventurous creations to date. Wrapped up in its metallic coated framework are a bevy of dubby qualities and glimmering designs. An acidic groove comes to life following the main break which only furthers the slow burning, hypnotic drawl of the piece, ultimately leading to an exhilarating sonic decay. It all amounts to a marvellous Sound Avenue debut for Uvo who is sure to turn a few heads with this offering. Don’t miss it.

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