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VA – Baires Compiled 2013

Baires Records follows up the massive ‘Just One Second’ from label owners Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia with a jaw dropping compilation this week. Baires Compiled 2013 comes with 20 fresh tracks from the likes of Antu Coimbra & Nico Dumon, David Duque, Fefo, Kieran J, DJ BIA, Martin Etchegaray, Martin Kaze & Waywork, Dark Soul Project & Santiago Garcia, Pedro Aguiar, Guido Sava, Ezequiel Anile, Jonatan Ramonda, Amber Long & Robert Mason and Vanyano.

The Baires boys have really outdone themselves, there is a staggering amount of high quality electronic music to choose from here. The label bosses Dark Soul Project and Santiago Garcia once again really standout. Their ‘Easy Way’ has that chugging tech house groove that we love them for and the grainy percussive builds are sensational.

Long time Argentinean fave Fefo delivers something extra special with his ‘The Hicking Track’. It’s a deeply musical journey with some striking melodic themes and a real timeless vibe. Dark Soul Project has also provided a more energetic rework which takes on a slightly more sinister sound.

Another standout track here is from Pedro Aguiar who we have been loving of late. The Portuguese producer has been heavily favoured by Guy J and Hernan Cattaneo in recent months and his organic deep house sound is really spectacular. Just listen to his recent ‘All This Madness’ from Release Sustain’s ‘The Sound Of Deepest London compilation. It’s been a while since we’ve a more character rich production from anyone. Here he presents his latest work ‘Night Shift’ which is equally enthralling. A soulful atmospheric piece that has musicality and vibes for days. One of our favourites on the collection for sure.

The Canadian duo of Amber Long and Robert Mason also really shine with ‘Lost In A Crowd’ which is a tribal infused tech house cut that really delivers some energy. The distortion on Amber’s vocals makes them even more irresistible while the funky snips contribute immensely to the rocking groove.

We’ve been huge fans of Vanyano since we heard his ‘The Other Way To Paradise’ on Whose Haus towards the end of 2012. His ‘Seven Fallen Angels’ included here is just as great with its moody melodic vibes and crisp sounding production. Top Hungarian producer Lank also works his magic on it turning in a techier interpretation with a real percussive edge.

All in all this is a fabulous collection from Baires and everyone here has really delivered something special. This should go down as one of the best tech house / progressive collections of the year. If you like intelligent electronic music that’s still great for the dance floor then there is no reason not to have this in your collection. Highly Recommended.

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