VA – Bloque Festival 2015 (Stellar Fountain)

Stellar Fountain continues an excellent run of releases this week with the official Bloque Festival Sampler for 2015.

Bloque Festival 2015

This year’s rendition of the event saw it reach its 5 year anniversary and boasted acts from around the world including Cid Inc, Luis Junior, Darin Epsilon, Sandra Collins and many more. Compiled by Bloque owner and founder Jorgio Kioris the collection contains exclusive new music from Paul Hazendonk & Dustin Nantais, Dmitry Molosh, Graziano Raffa & Nick Varon and Erich Von Kollar. 

Jorgio has put together a great collection of music which embodies the spirit and vision of the project and let’s hope this is a series which continues next year. The Sampler begins with something new from Paul Hazendonk and Dustin Nantais. Hailing from the Netherlands and Canada respectively, Paul and Dustin are frequent collaborators having appeared on Einmusika, Stripped Recordings and Paul’s Manual Music imprint. Their contribution here ‘Go Clip Yourself’ is a deep, groovy number which gets the release off to a great start. A sultry vocal hook, devilish stabs and an ethereal synth motif set the stage for a wicked tonal theme, which carries the track into the main break. A storyboard of bells then brightens up the interlude and reappears for a very timeless sounding third act. A gorgeous tune and perhaps one of Paul and Dustin’s best to date. 

The Sampler’s second selection is provided by Dmitry Molosh who is making his third appearance on Stellar Fountain. Hailing from Belarus, Dmitry is one of the underground’s brightest stars. His nu-progressive sound has earned praise from Hernan Cattaneo and Guy J all throughout 2015 and his latest ‘Kara’ once again delivers that groovy magic we’ve come to expect. Anchored by a deep, dubby groove the piece develops methodically with trailing effects and trippy designs. There’s underlying sense of emotion carrying the piece, which subtlety rises to the forefront as the break commences. Haunting and a tad ominous, the brief interlude sets the stage for a slow burning and deeply emotional third act. It’s pretty heady and moderately tripped out stuff which is sure to change the mood of a room pretty quite. Awesome stuff from Dmitry.

The Sampler’s third selection finds Graziano Raffa and Nick Varon collaborating on what is ultimately a mystery production. Cleverly named after the famed, and perhaps one of television’s all time best character’s, True Detective’s Rust Cohle. If I had to guess I’d say this is just an original from Graziano and Nick disguised as a remix but that’s pure speculation on my part. At any rate the production is really interesting, and somewhat unexpected style wise with its driving groove and peak time sensibility. Backed by a rolling foundation and some ragged synth hooks the energy and presence of the track is absolutely huge. A wave of effects and dark designs leads the piece into the break where the tension builds further. Indistinct vocal elements spiral endlessly while waves of white noise summon a rush of beats and drums for the ultimate dance floor moment. Monstrous work from Graziano and Nick which I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot in the coming months. 

The Sampler’s fourth and final selection is provided by Erich Von Kollar. The Hungarian producer and one of the Stellar Fountain bosses is making his tenth appearance on the label. We last heard from Erich with his remix of Anton MAKe ‘Lost In Amsterdam’ which was released just last month on Stellar Fountain. Erich also has releases on System Recordings this year but for the most part has been pretty quiet so it’s great to something new from him here. ‘Stardust & Bubbles’ is an appropriate title with its playful melodic cadence and bouncy progressive sensibility shining brightly. A sparser breakdown and downplayed re-entry is a nice touch and doesn’t let things get too big, which is always the danger when showcasing strong melodic themes. Beautiful work from Erich which rounds out an excellent release from Stellar Fountain, hopefully we see a 2016 edition as well. Highly Recommended.

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