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VA – Crossing Borders Volume 1 (Crossfade Sounds)

Sound Avenue’s ‘Crossfade Sounds’ imprint hits us with their second release of 2013 and their first ever label compilation this week. ‘Crossing Borders’ is an expansive collection of 13 exclusive tracks from the likes of Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks, Antrim, Audiotox & Watson vs. Benzene, Beat Syndrome, Bollen & Fichtner, Guido Percich, Or Weisinger, Oscar Vazquez, Shimmer, Tuxedo, Uvo and Youlian. It’s a daunting task for any label to compile a collection of this size and Crossfade Sounds have more than delivered here with a wide range of contemporary styles that should prove quite effective on the dance floor.

Amethyst & Lenny Lenoks return to Crossfade Sounds for their second appearance and provide the first track on the compilation entitled ‘AhA’. It certainly gets things rocking early as the tougher, tech house groove is tailor made for the dance floor. Antrim’s ‘In The Wind’ is next and provides a wonderfully spacey and atmospheric quality that is remarkably dreamy yet still tough enough for the dance floor. The floaty atmospheres continue with Arnim’s ‘Dark Rose’ which comes with some smooth bass tones, piercing electronics and gorgeous vocal pads.

Well known duo Audiotox & Watson make their Crossfade Sounds debut here with a track entitled ‘Argentium’ which was written in collaboration with Benzene. This one slows the tempo down someone with a very heavy groove that’s accented with big sonic sweeps, cool metallic hits and wicked vocal trails. Canada’s Beat Syndrome is next and once again do not disappoint with their ‘Symmetry’ production. Navid and Hamed have laid down an incredibly funky groove that’s complemented by some lovely rhythmic tones, spacious drums and soulful instrumentation which all combines for one of the duos most genre stretching productions to date.

The beats gets heavier with Bollen & Fichter’s ‘The Experience’ which has a stark minimal groove, trippy vocal samples and an eerie atmosphere that can change the mood of room instantly. Argentina’s Guido Percich is next with his newest studio production entitled ‘Bitteroot Range’ which turns out to be one of our favourite pieces on the compilation. It’s loaded with atmosphere, well textured beats and a deep, sultry groove that is completely intoxicating. UK producer Or Weisinger is next with a cool blend of glitchy electronics, glassy bells and deep progressive beats that make up ‘Shallowness’. Oscar Vazquez brings a wickedly smooth groove entitled ‘Born To Be Free’ that’s perfectly suited for those clued up techno and tech house floors.

Dutch producer Shimmer is next with ‘The Art Of’ which presents a powerful deep groove that’s complemented with a wide array of vocal pads, soft tones and lovely melodic clusters. The man behind Electronic Tree ‘Tuxedo’ is next with his ‘Hollow’ production which is a refreshing tech house / progressive hybrid which is full of unique melodies and swirling atmospheres. The mood gets changed dramatically with Uvo’s ‘Go Away’ which is a deep and dubby techno piece that comes with some metallic tinged keys and a wavering, hypnotic atmosphere that sounds absolutely brilliant.

The compilation is closed out perfectly with Youlian’s ‘New Age’ which for us is another standout track from the collection. Julia Riera Fernandez aka Youlian hails from Spain and his ‘New Age’ is a deep and melodic techno production that just oozes class. Filled with fresh sounds, subtle melodic themes and enchanting atmospheres it finishes the compilation off an a very strong note. As we stated earlier a project like this is extremely challenging and Crossfade Sounds have delivered a fabulous collection that showcases a wide array of up and coming talent mixed in with a few of your favourites like Beat Syndrome and Audiotox & Watson. Crossfade Sounds may be Sound Avenue’s little brother but they are fast becoming one of the most unique labels around as their releases are really coming with a wide range of styles and emotions that are always very refreshing. Release Promo Hype Chart #8

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