VA – Deluxe EP (Golden Wings Music)

The 11th release on Golden Wings Music finds the label celebrating it’s one year anniversary.

Golden Wings Music

The Argentinean imprint launched May 1st of 2014 with its ‘Unique Series’ compilation. The exclusives collection featured music from Rich Curtis, Ioan Gamboa, Scotty.A, Tvardovsky, Marc Poppcke, Bastards of Funk & Sonic Union and Nikko.Z. It immediately put the label on the map and set a precedent moving forward. The label went on to add quality project after quality project with productions from Mike Griego, Stsa Drive, Cristian R and East Cafe being the most notable. Now we see Golden Wings celebrating it’s one year anniversary with a very special EP which includes new music from Barry Jamieson, Derek Howell & Peter Martin and Scotty.A.

The release gets underway with Barry Jamieson’s ‘Below The Sky’. Having remixed commercial acts such as Madonna, New Order, Depeche Mode, UNKLE and Seal, to working with Sasha and Charlie May on the two ground breaking albums Involver and Involver 2, Barry`s career has been truly extraordinary. It’s been eight long months since the release of his ‘303’s In Love’ so it’s great to see some new material from him here. Given Barry’s impeccable track record you tend to expect a lot each and every time out and ‘Below The Sky’ certainly delivers. Beginning with a laid back, dubby foundation and fresh electronics you’re immediately drawn in. A warm, fluid groove gradually builds momentum before a poignant motif develops amidst the hazy atmospheres. It’s a magical combination and one which weaves through a variety of emotive moments. Following a brief break radiant textures and airy sonics lift the mood a touch higher which makes for tastefully restrained conclusion. Barry has also included a ‘303 Dub Mix’ which washes away much of the melody in favour of some subtle acid lines and dubbier grooves. Equally magical and a great complement to the original.

Next up is a new original entitled ‘Soylent Barbeque’ from Derek Howell and Peter Martin who are both making their first appearance on Golden Wings Music. Based in the US (Texas in fact) Derek and Peter came up through the golden era of progressive house. Having collectively appeared on Bedrock Records, Global Underground, Anjunadeep, Baroque Records and Hooj Choons Derek and Peter have been on the cutting edge of the underground for nearly 15 years. They have collaborated in the past with spectacular results so it’s great to see something new from them here. Backed by a rough, rugged foundation and dark electronics it certainly sets a sinister tone early. There are a wealth of effects running through the first act which are monumentally trippy, and they build a nice tension before the lead motif begins to take shape. Derek and Peter are both quite blessed in the melody crafting department and this storyboard is one of their of all time best. A touch psychedelic, but still filled with emotive vibes, this evolving vortex of keys and shimmering atmospheric haze is like an unforgettable carnival ride. Outstanding stuff from Derek and Peter. Also included is a ‘Less Mix’ which still carries the same wonderful harmonics minus the lead melodies, it makes for a tripper and more contemporary sensibility without losing any of the emotion which was so powerful in the ‘More Mix’. I’d go for the ‘Less Mix’ here but both are exceptional and amazing pieces of music.

The collection is closed off with a new original from Golden Wings labelartist Scotty.A. The UK producer is making his third appearance on the label which follows an outstanding remix of Alex Villanueva’s ‘Rayne’ which was released last month courtesy of Lowbit Records. There’s something very appealing about all of Scotty’s productions and ‘Siula Grande’ is no different. It’s dubby grooves are immaculately produced and for as smooth as it is it still has a lot of balls. Those bass stabs are well carved and pretty mean sounding but they’re wonderfully offset with luminous synths and an airy cadence which is quite charming. Beautiful track from Scotty.

Golden Wings has accomplished great things in their first year and this compilation just raises the bar a notch higher. Can’t wait to see what the next year holds for this rising label.

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