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VA – We Are The Future (Fall Edition) (3rd Avenue)

3rd Avenue’s first ‘We Are The Future’ compilation was released in June of this year. The collection featured a snapshot of some of electronic music’s future stars and further cemented that 3rd Avenue is an imprint that’s committed to the growth of underground dance music. The labels second installment or Fall Edition of ‘We Are The Future’ is out this week and features the likes of Santiago Teillagorry, Demian Moreno, Marcelo Paladini, Matias Spataro, Vid Marjanovic & Depra, Emilia Facciano, T-Dallas, Nico Cassou, Audio Units and Exequiel Gomez.

We’ve stated many times before how gifted 3rd Avenue owner Dominique Heyninck is at finding new musical talent and there is certainly a wealth of it here. There are three tracks that have been on heavy rotation for us and we’ll talk about them a bit more in depth here. The Serbian duo of Vid Marjanovic & Depra follow up their ‘Africa Market’ release with another incredibly groovy tune ‘Epic Attack’. It’s a much more melodic construction than the two pieces contained on their ‘Africa Market’ EP but the hypnotic rhythms are still very strong here. Old school James Holden fans may find some similarity with the bell clusters and grainy sounding electronics which certainly remind us just a bit of the legendary producer.

Another standout here is the lead track on the collection ‘A Gray Day’ from Santiago Teillagory. The occasional studio partner of Luis Bondio hails from Rio Cuarto, Cordoba and has now appeared on Classound Recordings as well as Liquid Grooves. His contribution here seems like the ideal track to start the compilation off. It’s smooth lines and gentle build are perfect mood setting material and the unique drum work following the drop should be wicked on the floor. The sombre sounding pads in conjunction with the descending bell chords turn out to be highly emotional during the big second drop and really make this one of the most memorable tracks here.

The third and final track we’ve chosen to feature is from a producer that you probably haven’t heard of yet but will most likely be hearing a lot from in the near future. Emilia Facciano hails from Cordoba, Argentina and her ‘Double Fantasy’ production included here will be her first ever release as far as we can tell. We’d be curious to know how long she’s been producing cause ‘Double Fantasy’ is a bit of a progressive masterpiece. It’s got a really huge presence with a well spaced groove, long vocal shrieks, sonic sweeps and smooth melodic themes. What pushes the piece completely over the edge is a massive tension filled build out of the first drop which should send your dance floor into a complete frenzy. Huge stuff from Emilia and hopefully she’s got more tracks on the way soon! A great collection from 3rd Avenue and what is certainly a great snapshot of some future electronic music heroes.

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